Victoria recently had her art chosen to feature in the fall art show at her high school.  This is her second year with her incredible teacher .  They did a project where they took a word and then represented it in three different ways.  They had to sketch black on white, then white on black, then use thread to sew part of their last sketch.  Victoria chose the word “Revolution.”  And, of course, every time I look at this, the Beatles song starts playing in my head. (I uploaded the actual art photos at a larger resolution, so click on them to see them bigger.)

Blog Victoria Art Show 10,2013 001

Blog Victoria Art Show 10,2013 005

I made her put on a “nice” shirt. There MAY or may NOT have been a partial eye roll.

  Blog Victoria Art Show 10,2013 002  Blog 2 Victoria Art Show 10,2013 003Blog Victoria Art Show 10,2013 004This one is a little harder to see–it’s a girl with long hair and a VERY LARGE flower in front of her face.

Blog Victoria Art Show 10,2013 011

Victoria and her super cute and IMMENSELY talented art teacher. We love her!!!

AND Some special artwork from God as we left to go home.

Blog Victoria Art Show 10,2013 012Victoria has always loved creating and making things.  We are so proud of her and her determination to learn more about using this particular talent.  We are also very thankful for the blessing of a teacher who encourages her in what she loves to do.

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2 responses to “Revolution

  1. Not only is she beautiful, she is very talented as well. Lovely work Victoria!

  2. She’s getting more and more amazing all the time. Tell that kid to slow down already. ;)

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