It’s Fall, Y’all

Small LeavesThese are leaves from our trees:  Sassafras, Yaupon, elm, grape vines, and obviously pine cones.  I COULD tell you that they all fell like so much confetti right into this exact spot, but that would be a lie.  The TRUTH is, that the pale yellow one WAS there, but I kept finding pretty ones, so I just tossed ‘em down and called ‘er done.

Small Dining AutumnIndian Corn and mini pumpkins and fake leaves and pinecones (from the yard) on one of Granny’s little tables with my nod to my home state in a frame.

Small Dining 1st FireFirst fire of the year:  November 7th.  Thad (and his feet) are enjoying it.  We care not that it was only 60 degrees–balmy by some standards.  It is cold enough for a jacket and a fire at our house.

Small WreathAnd THIS, I am proud of.  It is a grapevine wreath that I twisted together from wild grapevines that are ALL OVER our property.  We have been clearing out some underbrush, and the vines grow all over everything.  I started this wreath a couple of weeks ago, and now it is finished.  Right now it is naked, but I plan dress it up some and hang it on our door.

Small Dining Wreath

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2 responses to “It’s Fall, Y’all

  1. I love your grapevine wreath!! I want one :) And I had to giggle about your fire at 60º I think we set our heater to about 62º in the winter. But – if I lived in that part of the country I would love the few blessed days of cool weather, too, and possibly light a fire…. even if I had to open a few windows in the house at the same time!

    • One grape vine wreath comin’ up–as soon as Tony clears some more grape vines. :) We set our heater to 67 in the winter–otherwise it is just frigid in this house.

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