My first go ’round

My friend Sarah entered the blogger world a time back. I have enjoyed my almost daily interactions with her through it. We have been friends for 30 years (that sounds impressive–and it is–but we met when we were 6), and now that we are in different towns, albeit in the same state, with jobs and families we don’t get to chat like we once did. So it’s nice that I can log onto her blog, and take a glimpse inside her thoughts each day. I can get the latest topic of conversation that we would eventually come across without having to go through all of the “how are the kids” stuff. It has also let me meet some of her friends. Otherwise I would never get to know these ladies–never know how deeply they care for my friend. And that is nice too. I am sad I don’t get to spend more time with her–but so glad that they do. So there it is–my inspiration to blog. I used to keep a journal faithfully, daily; it is catharsis for the soul for me. This will have to be the modern equivilent until I can make my daily round take me back to the pen and ink version.


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