Two for one

Only my first day to blog, and I am writing another post. . .my clever son necessitated it. As he slammed $5.99 worth of Lego board on top of his Lego creation in order to crack the creation and see what happened to the board I said, “Boy, don’t do that. That board was expensive.” To which his 4 1/2 year old brain asked aloud, “Did you buy the Lego board or did Santa?”

You see, Santa brought a HUGE box of Legos and two 10″ square Lego boards on which Thad and his sister may place their constructions. So Thad is thinkin’ a little more quickly on his feet than am I. It took me a moment to respond–to even believe that he could have come up with a zinger question like that so quickly. So I said, “What?”

He repeated his question. . .

“Did YOU buy the Lego board or did Santa?”

“Well, Santa brought it, but if I have to go and buy another one because you broke this one, it will cost a lot of money.”

He was satisfied. And then he said,

“Did you know Santa is nocturnal. . .because he comes out at night.”

How will I ever keep up with this boy?


One thought on “Two for one

  1. Yep, he’s going to keep you on your toes. Thank you for noticing my new “blog pic”! I like it, too — Tammy took it for our brochure for our group that will speak at Lectureship.

    I have to admit, when you confessed your jealousy of me having my own blog, I knew the moment was not right to say, “Well, what in heaven’s name is keeping YOU from having one?”

    You’ve got plenty to say, and I look forward to being able to keep up with you here. Oh, and you’re going to want to get one of those “word verification” things — otherwise, people will be selling Viagra on your blog in the comments section.

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