Do unto others

I have a family member whose marriage is in dire straights. There is plenty of blame to hand out on both sides–but what strikes me as the saddest thing is that a lot of this pain and blame could have been avoided just by loving each other. . .by accepting each other. . .by realizing husbands and wives alone possess the ability to hurt their spouses in ways that no one else can.

The reverse of that power is that we also possess the ability to help, aid, uplift, support our spouse in ways no one else can. I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband–a man who loves me no matter what–in spite of–in addition to–all of the above.

I have equally wonderful children–they have to hug and kiss me numerous times before I leave for work every morning–they yell their love for me out the door. They tackle me in the afternoon. I am blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed. . .

Tomorrow is the worldwide (as far as I know) day to celebrate romantic love, friendship, love in general–at my house it’s pretty much Valentine’s day every day. I hope it is at yours too.

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One thought on “Do unto others

  1. Remember when we wore black to “celebrate” (mourn?) Valentine’s Day? That was some first- class cynicism, wasn’t it? I, too, am so blessed with all of my precious Valentine’s that I live with!

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