E is for Effort

Today, I chewed Javier out for “not putting forth ANY effort.” He is in 6th grade and reads on a 3rd grade level. . .and what I told him was, “I don’t care if you read at a 2nd grade level as long as you put forth the effort to READ at a 2nd grade level. You, however, put forth NO effort at all to read at ANY level.” And Javier needed to hear every word I said. . .and so did I.

What is it that I need to put forth more effort at? What am I putting forth even a minimal amount of effort toward that I need to congratulate myself for?

I spend a lot of time bashing myself–house not clean, desk at school a mess, ate an entire box of Girl Scout cookies (Caramel Delights to be exact), lost my temper with my babies, skipped my Bible reading for a week. I certainly need to put forth more effort.

But when I talk to the kids rather than scream at them, when I can see even a fraction of my desk, when I stop eating Valetines candy before I get sick to my stomach, when I pick up my daily devotional Bible and read even though I’m only on February 8th, then I need to make sure and congratulate myself.

I have a feeling lots of women need to do more of that. . .


4 thoughts on “E is for Effort

  1. Here is a mantra I’m learning to chant: “I’m doing the best I can do.” When my new job was causing my stomach acid to eat my esophagus, when I drive around town always late to get to the next place with my teeth clenched trying to get there, when dinner is well past when reasonable people should eat — I’m still doing the best I can do. Sometimes I wish I were doing better, but I’m doing the best I can do.

    I spent this afternoon helping my first-born complete her “Reflections” project. I congratulated her for having a great idea and following through with it. I congratulated myself for getting her all of the supplies she needed and taking the time to help her with it. Kudos to us all!

  2. AND don’t forget to congratulate yourself for not killing her while completing the project. . .MAJOR accomplishment–not that I’ve heard of any bad blood between you and Ashley, but because I know those projects can get a little hairy at times–especially with the girls.


  3. No need to be disheartened for eating an entire box of caramel delights they have a secret ingredient that forces you to eat an entire box at one sitting. The years that I buy them, I tell myself that I will share them, I never do. I just try not to buy them anymore!

  4. Tammy,

    I laughed–what a great thing to know. . .the secret “secret” ingredient. Alas, this year Victoria is a Brownie. It’s good that they are available for purchase only once a year.


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