“Guilty pleasures. . .”

Here’s my list for today alone. . .

*Homemade corn chowder–homemade by me that is

*Hugging my children until they pretended their eyes popped out (with sound effects, “Bloop, bloop”)

*Watching “Auntiques Road Show” as I unloaded the dishes

*Actually using my new yoga mat and book since I gave up my yoga classes (this is hard to do with a 4 1/2 yr. old boy creating new yoga moves and a 7 1/2 yr. old perfectionist who cried when she couldn’t do “cobra” the way I did it)

*Taking a very long very hot shower that almost depleted the water heater–which didn’t matter since no one else cared to bathe at 9:30 p.m.

*Reading Sarah’s blog

*Reading some of Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach

*REALLY cold ice water way too late at night

Any that you would like to add?


4 thoughts on ““Guilty pleasures. . .”

  1. Going off to my weekly writers workshop last night as the boys were finishing dinner (sloppy joes.)

    Enjoying my husband’s comments about the athletes while we watch the olympic ice dancers together after the kids went to sleep.

    Having a healthy breakfast this morning with the conviction of eating well for the rest of the day. (An egg, a pear, and a slice of swiss on Wasa.)

  2. Very little time to indulge this week as I am babysitting my niece and nephew for a week. I am a tired mother of 5 this week but did think of the following favorite things:
    -Eating Hot Tamales & Drinking a Sonic Diet Coke
    -sitting down with my oldest son and just “shooting the breeze”
    -kissing my nephew and making him laugh

    Love your blog R.

  3. Today at work we had one of those meetings where things like inclusion and core role responsibilities were discussed and as usual some folks vent about this and that and you know what? When asked to provide some possible solutions to resolving this and that, I said, “We could sing the blues: It be’s that way sometimes,” and smiled all over inside while everyone else was trying to figure out if I was serious, sarcastic, funny, or just crazy. (truth is I was just being real) And there You were with me, today at 2:15 pm 🙂

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