A load of whites with one red shirt OR Friendly pats on the sunburn of life.

Didn’t realize I hadn’t written since Monday–I’ve been enjoying other’s writings, and it’s been a great big ‘ole busy week–not home until 7:00 last night. . .5:30 tonight. So there is no concensus to my thoughts–here’s the mix. . .

My day practically began by me having to take a 6’4″ (I’m not even kidding) 8th grader who had pushed a 6’0″ 8th grader and sent him sprawling spred eagle across the floor in front of the office. (This in a building with two pregnant teachers and one woman on chemo and radiation for cancer. They never stop to consider the consequences.) I was just a deperate teacher who needed to potty (trying to drink more water, you see), and had to go to two different ones (both occupied) before I headed to the one in the office. . .I hauled them both into the a.p. the bigger one stating that entire time that he was “just playing.” (“Playing” is a HUGE past time and band-aid for all misbehaviors in Jr. High.) After I wrote the immediate referral up, I read it to Rojilio. At first he said that he DIDN’T push Rogerell, that he tripped and fell into Rogerell. I said, “I thought you were just playing.” Then he took umbrage to the fact that I stated he had “pushed Rogerell with both hands” and said, “I only pushed him with one hand, Miss.” To which I replied, “I thought you just tripped and fell into him.” No need to quibble however, the video camera (one of 25 in our building) caught it all. *SIGH* Too many thoughts on the sad state of affairs that our building alone is in need of 25 cameras and will try to remember that we DEFINITELY need christians in public schools–but I will admit that during our required-by-law moment of silence, I asked God to keep me and my family (3 of us are in those public schools) safe. This all took place in the five minutes between classes, so I had a room full of kids with no teachers–more unthinkable consequences. . .

The rest of the day was good–random act of kindess for the a.p. office staff and our discipline management class teacher–bought them all a round of $.99 large Sonic soft drinks before 11:00 for having to deal with the Rojilios and Rogerells of the world on a daily basis–in particular due to my observation of their behavior on this day. Then classes that have settled into the nice phase of the year–we’ve been together long enough for them to get my jokes and know when I mean business, but we aren’t quite sick of each other yet.

Then after school tutorials and Wal-Mart and home and dinner and baths.

We have a maid come once every two weeks (this took a LOT of convincing for Tony–but is necessary if we are to not catch a disease from our showers alone). She hadn’t done the greatest of jobs this time, so I had to call her. I felt like I’d shot a puppy. Then, AFTER I’d complained about the grease left on the stove and the strings on the carpet and the grunge by the front door, it dawns on me that I forgot to leave her money on the table. Apologies for that to Alma over the phone. . .do I need to get any more supplies I ask? Yes–she enumerates them for me–see you in two weeks. At which point I go into the kitchen to hang up the phone–and Tony hands me a note and says, “Alma left this for you.” On it is a list of the supplies that she needs and the fact that I didn’t pay her. Did he not SEE the aqua blue note under his elbow? Did he not HEAR the phone call? I just swallow any possible retorts along with some crow.

Thad is having a friend for a sleepover tomorrow night–the first such event in our home. . .not even Victoria has had a sleepover friend before. Thad came home CONVINCED that Dayne needed to spend the night–and since Dayne’s mommy is also Victoria’s librarian at school, then we sealed the deal and Dayne is coming over tomorrow night. We’ll see if he makes it all the way to bed time. Thad, being one of the sweetest boys on the face of the planet, graciously said, “Why of toyse you can, Victoya.” when she asked if she could sleep on his floor tomorrow night so she could be part of the sleepover too. I found this especially poignant since the reverse would most definitely NOT have happened.

So, Victoria and I will try to work on our scrapbooks some–so much to drag out into my mostly clean home, but it will give her an “event” as well–besides sleeping on a pallet on Thad’s floor.

Well, that feels much better now–not feeling so uptight and high strung. And if you made it to the end of this, you are a true friend indeed.


3 thoughts on “A load of whites with one red shirt OR Friendly pats on the sunburn of life.

  1. Well, you were completely on top of your game to deal with the possible rationalizations of the gigantic 8th grade offenders, which gives you dispensation to be a little flighty with Alma (except Alma is probably looking for other work now so that she won’t have to go back to the crazy people’s house).

    My experience with sleep-overs have not been too bad (although that could be b/c I dread them SO much water torture wouldn’t be as bad as I think a sleep over will be!) Hope all goes well!

  2. Last night I was telling John about what you wrote here, about how you had to deal with those monster-sized hormone-loaded 8th graders and how I imagined God telling me “see, your soft-focused romantic idea of being an art teacher [it’s true, I daydream about wanting to be an art teacher instead of a cube-corralled employee for global corporation] has a sharp focused reality to it… ”
    You are doing so much more than loving those wild younguns, you are earning their respect.


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