“As iron sharpens iron. . .”

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

Sarah and I have long had this verse in mind regarding each other–she cross-stitched it for me. . .I’d end letters to her with it–back when I wrote them. It holds true to this day–we sharpen each other–even though our visits and even phone calls are few and far between.

I have had a long passion with writing my thoughts–but scarcely had the chance to do so in the past 7 1/2 years. . .so Sarah starts a blog and gives me a wonderful benefit every day. . .and inspires me to write my own. I have a back log of things to pen. . .or type. . .and now a place to put them thanks to her.

My friend Amy is the early-childhood curriculum queen of the universe. She finds wonderment in owning a book loosely entitled, “Edible Art Projects of the Bible.” Somehow–she decided I was the person to help her with some jobs at church VBS, Bible hour, etc. I cared not about edible art projects. I teach kids all day and prefer the role of teaching adults at church, but over the past four or five years, we have honed each other to the point that we can solve a curriculum problem in about 3 minutes flat, and we don’t even go to church together any more!!! I think we actually scare our husbands with our ability to fill in the chink the other seems to be struggling to fill.

Stephanie, my art friend from college days, has her own blog come to find out–and so even though we were friends 15 years ago–and even though we haven’t seen each other in 10–she’s inspired me to write things down that are dear to me just by virtue of mentioning something on her blog that triggered a memory in me.

My list knows no bounds. . .Carolyn, Tommie, Amy K., Mary, Katrina, my own dear Tony and my precious babies.

Hear the sound of metal scraping across a wet stone? That sound is etched in my brain from childhood. My Daddy sharpened all of our knives on a wet stone–old as the hills–a little oil and he’d go to town–smooth even strokes that made Momma’s knives razor sharp. When they got a little dull and weren’t up to the job for which they were intended, she’d lay them by Daddy’s side of the table, and before the night was up, she’d have a knife with which to reckon the next time she needed to cut something. (My brother, sister, and I learned how to handle really sharp knives from an early age.) All it took was some sharpening–and isn’t it grand that God gives us the same opportunity with others–to sharpen–to hone–to make useful again after we’ve become dull.

So thank you, friends. Thank you for giving me the “excuse” to be creative. . .even when I don’t think I have the time.


3 thoughts on ““As iron sharpens iron. . .”

  1. What can I say to one of my greatest encouragers? You are wonderful! I need to take “sharpening practice” from you!
    Thanks for everything!

    P.S. You know you always wanted to how make “edible Bible stories”! šŸ™‚

  2. A) 1:30 a.m. is entirely too late or early to be posting on your blog.

    B) Did I seriously ever finish a cross-stitch project? If so, you are probably the owner of the only one.

    C) GOTTA get one of those “Edible Art Projects” books. Awesome.

  3. Sarah,

    a) I was up late making banana bread for my mother-in-law. . .she had either a very violent illness or a very violent reaction to a new medication and lost 10 pounds in 3 days. . .and seeing as how she was on IV fluids in the hospital for two and only gained back 4 pounds–it wasn’t all fluid–hence the late hour.

    b) Yes, you DID finish a cross-stitch project. It was round (had a blue cross-stitched bow on it) and was adhered to the top of a pink can–I think you gave it to me in college

    c) I am using the edible house project, the edible altar (an upside down icecream cone with M&Ms glued on with icing), and my own Nehemiah Wall Mix–chex cereal and graham cracker sticks–inspired by Amy’s book. *BEWARE* once you start MAKING edible Bible art. . .it’s addictive and you view all food as a possibility–don’t forget the little Snyder pretzel nuggets available at (pardon me) Wal-Mart that look EXACTLY like small loaves of bread–and are mini and go perfectly with gold fish for the whole “Loaves and Fishes” lesson. . .oh, and pretzel sticks (ostensibly used as locust) dipped in honey for John the Baptist. See. . .it’s a sickness.

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