Out of the mouths of babes. . .I mean 71/2 year olds.

This morning on the way to church I was discussing with Tony an odd requirement God had made of the Israelites in regards to what they were to donate to build the tabernacle. Among the list of scarlet, purple, and blue thread, gold, silver, and copper, acacia wood, goat skins and the like, was the requirement for “the hides of sea cows dyed red.” Now that one stumped me. I mean–they were near the Red Sea presumably. . .and I’m sure that there WERE such things as sea cows (Tony bets on Walruses, I think just seals)–but I found asking for the hides of sea cows while traipsing through the Sinai Desert a bit much. So I say to Tony. . .

“Exactly HOW did He plan on them finding SEA COWS in the middle of the desert?”

And from the back seat in this very teen-agery-duh-you-are-so-dumb voice Victoria says,

“Well. . .I guess they PRAYED for one.”

That shut me down right there. . .I mean what shortage of sea cow hides CAN’T be overcome by a simple prayer.

And as I pondered my daughter’s quick thinking brain, I also realized that her first reaction was for someone to pray and my first reaction was to question God about exactly how one could be expected to complete a monumentally daunting, if not dowright impossible task. She didn’t quote any of “those” scriptures. . .with God all things are possible, the prayer of faith, etc.–there was no need. She just wrapped that thought around a brick and threw it at her momma’s hard head without even intending to. What would HER first reaction be? What would MY first reaction be? And how long will it take for that to NOT be her first reaction if I do not proceed very carefully with my own reactions.

I think I have a lot to learn from my girl.

And Thad stands a good chance of becoming a politician, because after worship today, Tony asked him, “What did you learn about in Bible Hour today?” To which Thad replied, “God.” Certain and all encompassing enough not to be questioned, but vague enough to cover all bases.
We are on spring break. I took a four hour nap this afternoon. It’s been a long time coming–the week just about did me in.

Tomorrow morning bright and early I am headed to a “Friendze” store in Katy that I found out is closing. (Sarah–puh-leez tell me this in not true of the store in Abilene as well–they will mail me stuff if I pay over the phone). I went there to get my “joy” ring on Saturday and found the announcement of their closing posted on all of the windows. So I will be getting my “joy” ring at 30%-60% off. (Sarah–I’m going at to be there when they open–leaving the house at 9:30–call me on my cell if you want me to get you anything–not sure if the jewelry will be on the 30 end or the 60 end.) I don’t shop there very often–but they have these wonderful sterling silver bracelets engraved with scripture that are just about the best gift EVER.

On Tuesday we are going to Galveston. . .where we will ride the Bolivar ferry, go putt-putt golfing at a really pretty and neat course, build sand castles, eat at the Rain Forest cafe (both kids meals are free thanks to Victoria’s excellent 2nd grade GPA and the certificates that come with it), visit the Galveston light house if it’s opened to the public, and Tony and I will try to visit the Moody Mansion and Museum. And if he won’t go, I will go by myself–I feel the need to lose myself in someone else’s old house for a bit. Tony’s parents will come to “visit” their own house–where we are staying–one day, and other than those wonderful activities we will play Uno and generally loaf around.

I DO have some papers to grade. . .and I will TRY not to procrastinate. . .if I get around to it. ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Out of the mouths of babes. . .I mean 71/2 year olds.

  1. Mat. 18:3…. a great reminder ๐Ÿ™‚

    You have no idea how much your last post about the irons sharpening the irons made a difference in my life yesterday. E-you later..

    -Stephanie (your ARTIST FRIEND!)

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