Oh the joy. . .

Well, despite my best new year’s efforts, my waistline and the scale have not budged much. I actually don’t have much of a waistline even when my scale is more agreeable, but I digress.

Victoria and I are about to embark on our 5th Mother & Daughter Luncheon bash, and since most of the world is not as in love with very long, very straight skirts as much as I am (and have been for most of my life), I made myself one. . .pink with white polka dots. . .and a ruffle at the bottom.

If you leave off the ruffle, it took me all of 20 minutes to cut out the fabric, whiz bang two side seams in, sew a casing for the elastic (not only more comfy, but much easier than a zipper, AND since I’m a tuck-outer, elastic doesn’t matter), and hem the bottom. I had forgotten how quick it can be. So I have three peices of fabric that have languished far too long in my fabric stash all laid out and ready to be sewn tomorrow. One is white with raspberries, lemons, lime green leaves, and raspberry red gingham ribbon running amok all over it. One is very, very, very, very bright yellow with tiny fruit (don’t know what I was thinking about all the fruit stuff)–in fact, it looks as though someone spilled a package of that Willy Wonka fruit shaped candy all over it. And the last one is a very preppy and very tiny blue, green, yellow, and white tartan-ish plaid.

Seeing as how I have three v-neck t-shirts in colors that coordinate, VOILA, a spring wardrobe made to order. . .in a hour. . .and sort of for free.

I hope you have a new addition to your spring wardrobe that blows you hair back as well.

2 thoughts on “Oh the joy. . .

  1. Some of us that do have waists also have plenty ample hips that make elastic waistbands — well, ewwww. Your skirts sound precious and very you. The thought of that style on me, however — how many different ways can I say, “ewwww”?

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