Things that make me happy. . .

Pink and white gingham. . .pretty much pink and white anything

M & M’s

Hugs from my kids

A job completed

Guiltless naps

Knowing what I’m teaching tomorrow

Creating something beautiful

Birds eating seed from the feeder Tony made

Having something good to look forward to at lunch

A diet Coke from Sonic (with a little extra ice, please)

Hearing Thad giggle when his Daddy wakes him up each day

Thursday night (’cause it’s almost Friday)

A good conversation (especially with my husband)

A good laugh


2 thoughts on “Things that make me happy. . .

  1. My “happy things”
    -sharing a good laugh and “teachable” moment with Roxanne

    -Sonic diet cokes with limes

    -the feeling of doing a job God has called you to do.

    -Listening to my boys sing “Here I am to worship”

    -the treasured feeling I get just being Robert’s wife

    -spending time with God in prayer and devotion.

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