That magic time of year.

This is that magic time of year in a 6th grade classroom. . .probably in any classroom, but I can only speak for myself. It’s magic, because the kids finally get you–your jokes, your moods, when you “really mean it”, the line across which they should not venture, when to quit, when to start. It’s a very pleasant time. Not that all is perfection, of course. It’s just that at some point between Christmas and now, things click and you become pretty good at getting along. Even the bad kids sort of calm down–either that or they’ve gotten to the point where every infraction gets them a visit to the office or a phone call home. And they know that you know and that everyone else knows that they don’t like you. But since most everyone else either does like you, or is just protective because you are “their” teacher, they don’t get to complain about you any more.

So I’ve probably just jinxed tomorrow. They will rise up in mutiny during 1st period because I’ve bragged on them today. But it must be said that right now is the most pleasant time of teaching. I have about four good weeks left. . .then comes May. . .


Tell me what ya think.

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