Every Day Woman Hall of Fame

One of our neighbors to the north has set up a blog called “Every Day Woman Hall of Fame.” She is inviting each of us to send her a list of the women in our lives that we believe deserve a place in SOME hall of fame–even if it’s just in our own hearts and minds.

My list has already been posted as I was the first one to reply. . .but Sandy would love to have your lists as well. See link below. . .haven’t learned how to do the fancy underlined “here” thing yet–still workin’ on that.



I am from. . .

I am from attic fans, from fresh mown hay and fresh tilled earth and fresh shucked corn, from shelling peas and cutting weeds off the hotwire and dirt clod fights.

I am from an acre of land in Grandaddy’s pasture, from Nanny’s plum trees, from “I’ll be riiiiiiiiiight back” and goin’ to town.

I am from the woods beside the house, sycamores and sweet gums, from persimmons and figs and pecans, from Black-Eyed Susans on the side of the road, from jonquils picked in bare feet and wild onions eaten dirty.

I am from the paper mill and a fillin’ station, from Daddy’s boat, from duck feathers, fish scales, deer hides, and squirrel clothes, from gardens and horse sweat and cows.

I am from Johnson and Watts, Bawcom and Williamson, from Ashley County and Trafalgar, from Morehouse Parish and 3rd Ward.

From “be sweet” and “hug your neck.”

I am from Rock of Ages and This Little Light of Mine, from gospel meetings and dinner on the grounds, from deviled eggs dressed up with paprika and lemon cake on Granny’s white plate.

I am from cornbread and crowder peas for supper, canned peaches and Coca Cola when you’re sick, from MerRouge icecream after church and Momma’s soup.

I am from HeeHaw and Gunsmoke on Saturday afternoon, from Dippity Do and pink sponge rollers on Saturday night.

I am from Rose Milk and Oil of Olay, from coffee grounds and yellow rice, from Redman tobacco and gasoline on PaPaw’s shirt.

I am from footballs games in the Louisiana autumn, from cicada songs and moonlight coming in my window while I dreamed of somewhere else.

I am from dragonflies over the pond and hot tar on a gravel road, from belonging and home, no matter what.

Evidently this is a craze that is sweeping the blogger world. . .just found that out through investicagation. . .

but here’s the template


and the original


should you care to do your own. . .and please share them with me if you do.


According to this website http://www.blogthings.com/ I:

have a Sanguine personality
am a gooey caramel crunch donut
am 70% average American (lost 30% because I don’t drink)
should live in Dublin
was an All American kid in high school
was a giraffe in a former life
should be a member of a rock band called The Republican Bunnies
have a heart that is pink (this is the MAIN one I find to be correct)
should have violet eyes (they’re green–that explains it. . .)
should strip to a Depeche Mode song (should I decide to strip for someone)

AND. . .

my sexy Brazilian name is Joelma Pires (very sexy)
my French name is Jossette Lois (I could handle Jossette)
my 1920’s name is Lurline Bonita (even worse than Joelma)
my Japanese name is Nayoko Susaki (the Japanese wouldn’t have me)

Who knew. . .


That’s “my-noot”. . .not “mi-net.” We have been laid low. . .atleast Tony and the boy have been. Thad got sick very early Thursday morning. . .2:30 to be exact. Tummy bug–I’ll spare you the details. . .he’s still not quite himself. And low and behold if his Daddy didn’t get hit by the same minute bacteria this afternoon about 3:00. It’s not food poisoning. . .and it’s also not righting itself within 24 hours. It is some teeny, weeny, tiny, microscopic assailant, and it has done it’s job well. . .

How the mighty and energetic have fallen. . .I’m sprayin’ the Lysol, washin’ my hands, and hopin’ I’m not next. If I am, it’s every man, woman, and child for themselves. Say a little prayer for Victoria too.

Double Talk


I’m really not an ultra-political person. . .I’d much rather the lawmakers, congressmen, senators, and elected officials do their jobs and let me do mine, but the politicians are at it again. And pardon me if you either are a politician or are related to one in any way, shape, or form. My sister is a doctor–a chiropractor– and just got home from a meeting in Lousiana that was chock full of medical and chiropractic physicians alike regarding the following:

There is a federal bill effecting every state (so for my two Arkansas readers, this goes for you too) in congress that is about small business insurance benefits. It looks nice and fluffy from the outside, but as always, on the inside there’s a little rotten core. They just keep on hiding those GREAT BIG issues behind good looking outsides. It will be voted on as soon as the immigration bill is decided. . .which could be as soon as next week.

The bill is S1955, and it looks really good. . .allowing small business owners to provide benefits for their employees at reasonable prices, etc. until you find out that it will do away with any control the state has over requiring insurance companies to pay for anything. What that means is–your rates can go up because you’re over 55 or because you’re of child bearing age or because you need to lose 20 pounds or because you have a family history of high blood pressure even though you are perfectly healthy 35 year old. . .it could do away with paying for maintenance things like mammograms, colorecetal exams, pap smears, well baby visits, vaccines, diabetic supplies, and the like. If this sounds a little like the stone age–welcome to it. Right now, as bad as your insurance costs may be, the state still requires them to pay for certain things we consider necessities–like small pox vaccines–but this would give all control to the federal government and make it against the law for any state to require anything of any insurance company.

So–just like our ridiculous education bills here in Texas (don’t even get me started) they are hiding a pill in the pudding.

If you feel the necessity to do so, contact your congressman and tell him to vote AGAINST S1955. . .From our own congressmen in Texas, they have said they really don’t read e-mails–they do answer their phones. . .and I’ve heard they HATE faxes–so I’d fax ’em just to be on the safe side.


This is a test. . .this is only a test.

Well, here is my first attempt at putting photos on the blog. . .the photo option on our video camera is a little grainy, so what you see is what you get. . .we don’t own a digital camera yet.

I am getting ready to post photos of the Mommy/Daughter soiree, so I thought I’d practice with some we already have. . .

Behold–the kiddos in their wedding finery back in January.

The boy. . .this is his Jekyl and Hyde picture–he’s trying to look angelic, but he’s failing miserably. . .
Okay–so she’s not failing miserably–she’s pretty much ALWAYS an angel except for when she isn’t.

And this is Ninja family. . .those are Victoria’s tights wrapped around everyone’s heads. . .Tony didn’t have much choice–he was shanghied by the children. This was Victoria’s idea (see comment above about when she isn’t. . .)

Medical clearance needed

You may need to get medical clearance to read the following link. . .Sarah sent it to me. I’d seen it before but had forgotten about it. I’m not quite sure how.

I think I bruised a rib I laughed so hard. . . again. You will truly need to lie down after you read it, so clear a path to the couch before hand.


And while skimming the website, I found another all time favorite containing the most accurate description of dressing and feeding small children I’ve ever read. I also enjoyed the grocery store test, and having read this before children, vowed to only take one at a time to the grocery store if at all possible–at that time there were no mini van-grocery carts–just the one-seater types. See below. I was thrilled to find it again. The people who have collected these incredibly insightful writings on parenting have made my day. As Sarah would say, “Bless ’em.”