Well, yesterday was the Mother & Daughter luncheon. We could not have ordered a more beautiful day. . .perfect temperature, breezy, gorgeous blue sky with clouds floating through. It was just wonderful. We ended up with 35 women and girls here. . .and a good time was had by all. I haven’t gotten everything put away yet. I’ll take another crack at it tomorrow. And since I don’t have another soiree to plan for awhile, my next goal is to learn how to put photos on this blog so our wonderful day can be viewed by you. Fun, fun, fun.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. Thanks for dropping in on my blog! I am soooo with you in the personal space area. I like my personal space and my hubby never seems to understand when by 8pm I am telling him my touch quota has been filled for the day! I did have a wise woman tell me that one day I will long for those touches from my children…maybe she is right…BUT… right now all I can think is that I would like one evening to sit on the couch by myself with no one touching me!

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