I saw it coming.

A few weeks back I wrote about how I had hit the “perfect” time of year to be a teacher. And I predicted that I had a few good weeks left. Well, I saw the end in sight. . .I’d sent two kids to the office before 9:30 this morning. I wanted to go back to Saturday. Yikes.

Spring has sprung, along with attitudes, hormones, and people staying up way too late because of the time change.

My friend Sarah wrote on her blog about spending time with God and finding just the right Psalm to speak to her today. She also mentioned a banner–we have a banner to wave–the banner of Christ.

So I will try to smile and be kind even when I send ’em down to the a.p. Waving my banner. . .


4 thoughts on “I saw it coming.

  1. And don’t forget 2 Cor. 2:14 — we’re in a God-parade!! Hold your banner high and wave the beauty queen wave to spread the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ!

  2. Man, some days I wish I had an a.p. to sned my kids to at home.
    Especially in the mornings when it’s time to get the shoes on and leave for school!

  3. I teach college classes and my kids are acting the same way…I know it is because there are about 4 weeks left to the semester…but can I have a principal to send them to?

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