Comic Relief

Pensive day today. . .thoughts overwhelming mixed with joy mixed with more “reality”. . .then there is comic relief right at the end. As I was laboring over getting the kitchen clean while pondering some very serious and weighty matters , my kids were playing with something their dear aunt and uncle gave them for Easter. It is touted as “styrofoam putty” and is, quite frankly, the most vile “toy” I’ve ever run across. If you’ve not had the pleasure, allow me to describe it for you.

It is sort of like silly putty in liquid-ish form–very brightly colored–with tiny styrofoam balls in in it. It gets on EVERYTHING, and can only be removed by, essentially, “washing” your hands or the item with more of the goo.

Ewww. . .ewww. . .double ewww.



Thankfully I had the foresight to send them outside to play with it, and I think even the kids lost their infatuation with it VERY quickly. If you are given any of this, sneak it into the trash as fast as you possibly can.

If you either ARE or are related TO the inventor of it, or if you have a personal love of this substance, would you like some hot pink and aqua blue styrofoam putty to go with your collection???


5 thoughts on “Comic Relief

  1. Funny! I have that sort of thing to look forward to with my boys. They have an aunt that buys “cool” stuff in the name of FUN, too.
    Hope you enjoyed the Easter weekend.

  2. Haha! Gotta love the toys from the aunts and the uncles. They have the most mixed-up intentions, muwah-ha-ha!
    I’m thinking you are talking about “floam?” If so, I’ve been warned of this vilest of toy inventions.
    Give ’em a pile of dirt and some water. The “toy” God intended 🙂

    Sarah >> It was worth the extra load of laundry and extra showers! But I only swept the floors up once – at the end of the day after they had gone to bed 😉

  3. My husband always buys the kids gross stuff like that and then I end up cleaning up the mess! It all reminds me of snot…which is the one thing that causes me to puke! EWWWW!

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