The pot calling the kettle black

I will spend a lot of the next five weeks reminding my students that “school is not over yet.” This is the mantra droned incessantly by teachers the world over. I’m quite sure of this even though I don’t personally know teachers the world over.

That being said, my mind is already on summer break. It has to do with the time change. All of that lovely daylight still left at 6:40. . .breezes blowing. . .no misquitos just yet. . . Curses to Benjamin Franklin. . .couldn’t he have waited until the end of May??? Of course, during his time, the children who were the same age as the ones I teach (11 and 12) were in the fields right now–or out of school altogether.

So I will have to be conscientious over the next few weeks. . .I am already amazed that the year is over. I am planning to read two really fun novels after our HUGEMONGOUS standardized test this week. Hopefully that will pull in even the hold-outs and we will end the year on a positive note. In case you are interested they are House on Hackman’s Hill (Joan Lowery Nixon) and The Cay (Theodore Taylor). The former is a good book for kids who don’t like to read. . .a mystery about a mummy with every chapter ending in a cliff hanger. The other is something I would dearly LOVE to see made into a movie–a must for any middle school aged kid and a completely enjoyable quick read for an adult.

Now to the supper dishes. . .after all, “School is not over yet,” and there will be no time to do them tomorrow. Just a dirty kitchen to clean before I can cook dinner.

That Ben and his big ideas.

5 thoughts on “The pot calling the kettle black

  1. I so didn’t know that Ben Franklin came up with Daylight Savings Time! You would think with two college degrees I might’ve learned that somewhere…said with a laugh…I could’ve learned it like I learn most things…cram for the test and forget!

  2. I don’t get it. Why can’t we just go to work/ school later in the morning, so we can stay up later after DST?

    By the way – yeeee-hawt-doggy! You’re getting highspeed! (We just got it too, only 6 mo ago, when they finally ran those cables out here by our house. Hello twenty-first century!)

  3. Did I miss in a blog post that you’re going high speed, or did steph learn that in an actual conversation that I’m not privvy to? At any rate, yes, welcome to the 21st century!! You will be AMAZED!

    Yep, DST has us all ready for the end of the year. I am currently, at 8:30 p.m., chasing my 4th grader to bed to make her imagine that it’s dark in her room so that she may be rested for the HUGEMONGOUS standardized test this week. Someone please tell me I’m a good mom. Okay, maybe not, but at least I’m compliant!

  4. I concur. . .great mom, indeed. I think I commented on Stephanie’s blog regarding the DSL. . .can’t even remember now. I’ve been surfin’ tonight. . .I need to go to bed. I have two days of non-stop walking ahead of me. We are not allowed to sit, read, write, or do anything else other than monitor THE TEST (imagine any dark, ominous music you choose).

    Each year I have to concoct new wasy to LOOK like I’m monitoring the test while not bugging the kids insane. For me personally, it would have driven me willy-nilly to have someone walking around the entire time I was trying to take a test. So I basically tell the kids ahead of time, “Look. When I’m walking by you and stop, it’s not because you are doing anything wrong. I’m not trying to read your answers. I CAN’T, by law, read the test. I just want to make sure you are on the right page, in the right part of the Scantron, and it makes the State of Texas happy to see me do it.”

    That normally relaxes them some. . .and I still manage to lean against my stool every now and again.

    Good luck to Ashley–she probably doesn’t need it, however. I am also quite confident that you will have a WONDERFULLY nutritious breakfast for her in the morning, so pre-kudos to you!!!

  5. Hang in there Roxanne! I know Ben Franklin didn’t come up with TAKS or standardized testing. He was tooooo smart for that.:)
    5 more weeks we can do it! Although, I too am beginnning to wonder.
    Hey, do you think the first book mentioned will be too scary for L. to read? He has over 600 AR points and we’re running out of things to read.
    Have a good day!
    My prayers,

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