Okay. We caved and got DSL. . .big mistake. This is the same exact reason I am so incredibly glad we don’t have cable. We would CONSTANTLY be watching the Discovery Channel or A&E or in find ourselves in search or Northern exposure re-runs in syndication. It is amazingly easy to frollick from blog to blog. . .that being said. . .

If you know, are the parent of, or can remember being a young girl, go to
and read the post entitled “Goldilocks.”

It’s worth the trip.

I bought an entire package of full-sized Milky Ways today. It finally made more sense to me to spend $2.50 on a package of 6 than $.70 on one at school when the craving strikes. Now if I can only keep from eating all 6 at one time.


It is hot–hot, hot, hot. We just barged straight into summer the past two days.


If you like shrimp, and you cook the shrimp in crab boil, and you like potatoes also cooked in the crab boil, and you like mushrooms, then the next time you cook shrimp, throw some mushrooms in about three minutes before you put the shrimp in. I cannot even describe the amazing taste sensation that is in store for you. As my Daddy would say, “It’ll hurt ya.” That was dinner tonight: shrimp, potatoes, mushrooms, bread, and coleslaw. The Milky Ways are safe for a little while.


It is Tony’s turn to play with the new toy. I may not see him again tonight.


12 thoughts on “Addictive

  1. The shrimp/potato/mushroom combo sounds as if it could, indeed, hurt me. We are all eat too much shrimp to do it very often — 4 pounds of shrimp costs as much as _5_ gallons of gasoline!! That’s how I’m figuring everything now! And even though it is STILL — 8 p.m. — 90 -flippin’-seven degrees, we absolutely do not run the car to keep it cool or cool it down for any reason!!!

    DSL is a good thing, isn’t it?

  2. That shrimp boil sounds wonderful, Sarah maybe the potatoes and mushrooms would compensate and the shrimp might only cost the same as 2 gallons of gas.
    I have never had a shrimp boil before but am looking to the first time.

  3. Tammy,

    You got distracted thinking of SHRIMP.

    We got them on sale at HEB (ask Sarah about the time I left two bags of groceries there) for $3.49/lb. That’s good for here–even though we are MUCH closer to the Gulf than ya’ll are–and they were the extra large ones.

    I bought two pounds (my children not being that large yet), and we made LOTS of potatoes and an entire package of mushrooms.

    I’m still in pain.


  4. Stephanie

    I can’t believe you mentioned Northern Exposure! Do you remember, way back, you told me you had splurged and bought the soundtrack to Northern Exposure – then you made a copy for us on tape. We used to listen to that tape on all our road trips – I can still hear the Ojibwa indian version of Turkey In the Straw…
    Then one day we switched to CD players in our cars and eventually all our tapes were replaced by CDs… I bought a Northern Exposure soundrack CD not to long ago, but it doesn’t have those same song tracks.


    By the way – Shrimp is Z’s FAVORITE food ever. Sometimes I get one of those shrimp cocktail platters for a quick “dinner” when we come home late after games 🙂

  5. No way could I ever leave an entire bag of candy bars intact for more than 24 hours!

    Stupid Question: What’s a crab boil? Is it like bullion, or a liquid? I’m missing a lot of background in seafood preparation. But I love the idea of shrimp and mushrooms stewing together. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever cooked shrimp at all. I wonder if they can get it fresh way up here.

  6. Rebecca,

    Crab boil is something that you throw in a pot of boiling water to season crabs, shrimp, crawfish (aka: crayfish, crawdad’s, mudbugs), etc. The best is made by Zatarain’s, and it normally comes on the seasonings aisle at a grocery store. It comes in liquid (super concentrated) or a bag of spices. Both have the same effect—it’s just with the liquid you don’t have the bag floating around.

    Raw frozen shrimp will do in a pinch–they turn pink like all the other.

    There are directions on the crab boil for how much to use for how many pounds of shrimp in how much water. It’s spicy, so you might want to boil some in just plain salt water for your babies. You’ll also want to up the water and spice content if you throw in vegetables to boil with it.

    We put a whole, uncut jalapeno (optional) into a pot with the correct amount of water along with small white or red potatoes (whole with skins), and the crab boil (chunks of corn on the cob are also good to use). Bring the water to a rolling boil and add the mushrooms. . .let them boil for three minutes then add the shrimp. After you add the shrimp, you’ll have to bring the water to a boil again and let them boil for no more than five minutes. Remove all of it from the water and dump all of it into a big bowl. Set that big bowl on the table and prepare to. . .


    (I also have a really easy recipe for cocktail sauce if you want that too. . .ketchup, lemon juice, horseradish, and Worschester sauce. . .yummy. I store the leftovers in an empty ketchup bottle for later.)

  7. Yeah, guess what? Our store doesn’t carry any crab boil at all. I think I’ll have to go to the big super market in the next town. California’s not much into cajun. I can’t even find dirty rice with black beans. They just have the plain kind. That’s probably the only thing I miss about east TX, except friends, of course.

  8. Cathy Hacker Hernbeck


    Hey!! Glad you found Tammie, then me. However, I know nothing about blogging – so I’ll just give you my email address and you can email me. Then we can communicate. I’m really interested to know what’s been happening in your life and how you’ve been. Write SOON:)

  9. Jessica. . .miss all the fun of shrimp shells and the like??? See. . .when you’re at home, you can just skip the pants. . .go straight to the night shirt for while you eat. . .then collapse directly onto the couch for your shrimp induced stupor.

    Over achieving is actually DRESSING to go out. . .


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