Medical clearance needed

You may need to get medical clearance to read the following link. . .Sarah sent it to me. I’d seen it before but had forgotten about it. I’m not quite sure how.

I think I bruised a rib I laughed so hard. . . again. You will truly need to lie down after you read it, so clear a path to the couch before hand.

And while skimming the website, I found another all time favorite containing the most accurate description of dressing and feeding small children I’ve ever read. I also enjoyed the grocery store test, and having read this before children, vowed to only take one at a time to the grocery store if at all possible–at that time there were no mini van-grocery carts–just the one-seater types. See below. I was thrilled to find it again. The people who have collected these incredibly insightful writings on parenting have made my day. As Sarah would say, “Bless ’em.”


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