This is a test. . .this is only a test.

Well, here is my first attempt at putting photos on the blog. . .the photo option on our video camera is a little grainy, so what you see is what you get. . .we don’t own a digital camera yet.

I am getting ready to post photos of the Mommy/Daughter soiree, so I thought I’d practice with some we already have. . .

Behold–the kiddos in their wedding finery back in January.

The boy. . .this is his Jekyl and Hyde picture–he’s trying to look angelic, but he’s failing miserably. . .
Okay–so she’s not failing miserably–she’s pretty much ALWAYS an angel except for when she isn’t.

And this is Ninja family. . .those are Victoria’s tights wrapped around everyone’s heads. . .Tony didn’t have much choice–he was shanghied by the children. This was Victoria’s idea (see comment above about when she isn’t. . .)


7 thoughts on “This is a test. . .this is only a test.

  1. Oh, my GOSH — that boy looks like his daddy! And I thought Victoria was a carbon copy. Good thing I have that picture of him as a newborn looking like a tiny Harold Watts — you need to have some stake in the kids you gave birth to!

  2. Love them Love them Love them!

    I’m sure Tony is trainig the “She Ninja” to attack when one of the Owens boys tries to ask her out for a date in a few years 🙂 Wasn’t there something mentioned about a shot gun and dates with boys?
    Seriously, they are both beautiful and precious gifts from God!!

  3. Amy,

    THe Owens boys are pre-approved by Tony and me. . .now all they need is the approval of She-Ninja and they’re on their way to making their parents some happy in-laws. . .


  4. You have a beautiful looking family, looks like you’re having fun for sure! Thanks for participating in my blog Roxanne, you will have a first place honour in my Hall of Fame.

    lots of love to a remarkable woman!


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