That’s “my-noot”. . .not “mi-net.” We have been laid low. . .atleast Tony and the boy have been. Thad got sick very early Thursday morning. . .2:30 to be exact. Tummy bug–I’ll spare you the details. . .he’s still not quite himself. And low and behold if his Daddy didn’t get hit by the same minute bacteria this afternoon about 3:00. It’s not food poisoning. . .and it’s also not righting itself within 24 hours. It is some teeny, weeny, tiny, microscopic assailant, and it has done it’s job well. . .

How the mighty and energetic have fallen. . .I’m sprayin’ the Lysol, washin’ my hands, and hopin’ I’m not next. If I am, it’s every man, woman, and child for themselves. Say a little prayer for Victoria too.

3 thoughts on “Minute

  1. We had a round of this last week. It started with the baby. Fortunately, the 4 year old missed it. Not fun at all! Blessings and prayers for the bug to stop!!

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