Every Day Woman Hall of Fame

One of our neighbors to the north has set up a blog called “Every Day Woman Hall of Fame.” She is inviting each of us to send her a list of the women in our lives that we believe deserve a place in SOME hall of fame–even if it’s just in our own hearts and minds.

My list has already been posted as I was the first one to reply. . .but Sandy would love to have your lists as well. See link below. . .haven’t learned how to do the fancy underlined “here” thing yet–still workin’ on that.



2 thoughts on “Every Day Woman Hall of Fame

  1. Unrelated. . .

    (I was just noticing your fave book list.) My husband and I just read the first six Harry Potter books over the last three weeks. We’re hooked now. And the next one isn’t due to come out until summer of 2007! So I guess now we’ll be among those HP geeks that show up at midnight to buy book 7. 🙂 I’m sure as a reading teacher, you appreciate the way they hook kids into finishing humongous volumes of British/Latin/Aramaic vocab. I was blown away by her plotting. How the heck she can have a story that complicated, mapped out so intricately, and know every character’s family history boggles my mind. Jo Rowling is now on my list of literary heroes.

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