To everyone that I need to e-mail. . .namely Stephanie, Robyn, Sarah, Carolyn, and possibly Amy O., I have not forgotten you. . .I am currently being squished between VBS, the prairie skirt I need to make for Victoria’s play on Monday, and her poetry project on Wednesday. . .that coupled with last weekend’s bout of illness, the end of school, goofy 8th graders that I don’t even teach, and weekend birthday parties have me running low on time and brain power.

I’d much rather be writing you. . .and I will. . .soon.

In light of that, I’d like to share a victory. I teach a girl named Jenna. . .she would make a perfect pixie. . .strawberry blond hair, freckles, bubbley personality, winsome, giggley. . .would probably be blown away by a stiff wind.

Jenna is not an A student. Jenna is a B/C student. . .and that is FINE, but Jenna also has MAJOR test anxiety. She has not made higher than a 75 on ANY test I’ve given all year
long. . .and we were both VERY excited when she made the 75.

On Friday, Jenna made a 90. . .that’s right. . .a nine-zero on a major test over our story about King Tut. She was not the only one in my 5th period class to make an A. . .but neither of us could quit smiling over her triumph. . .I smiled until my cheeks hurt.

You don’t get many moments like that as a teacher–in fact you may not get a moment like that even once a school year–but when you do. . .words cannot express. CONGRATULATIONS JENNA!!!!


8 thoughts on “WHEW!!!

  1. Yea for teacher Roxanne and Jenna. Regarding your post on my blog you may use whatever you need. Someday when you come to visit Sarah we all need to get together and meet you face to face.

  2. Thanks for letting me quote you. . .I look forward to it (quoting you AND meeting you). . .and I drink diet Coke like Sarah does. 🙂


  3. Oh my sweet busy friend! I have had you in my prayers. Isn’t this an insane time of year? Field Day was all day Friday and I have 3 field trips to attend in less than a week and a half. I must say, though, I do not have a prairie skirt to make. I think my three would look pretty funny in a skirt 🙂
    Congratulations on your teaching success. No suprise of course but it is still such a “breath of fresh air” for a teacher.
    Love ya! Amy

  4. I sympathize with the stress of the end of year doings. I just keep telling myself ‘two more day’ and it will all be over.

    Yeah for jenna! That is very exciting for her.

    Do I get to come drink diet coke with you, Sarah, and Tammy too?

  5. As soon as I make it back to Abilene (haven’t been since my oldest was about 18 months), everyone is invited to Starbuck’s as long as you don’t mind if I stop at Sonic on the way. . .


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