We are ExperiencingTechnical Difficulties. Please Stand By

First of all, a big ‘ole thank you to Sarah for being my proxy and taking care of posting this for me. (Don’t worry, Roxanne, I’ll be commenting throughout all of it! s.s.)

Modern technology is such a wonderful thing. It has enabled me to write my thoughts down, “visit” with my friends, and “meet” new friends. Unfortunately it is also susceptible to major malfunctions AND not all people care to have me use this wonderful medium. I’m pretty sure that the future for some of my 6th graders involves writing computer viruses. We can’t use the internet until we get a certain disc in the mail, because our firewall/virus scan/ad aware/antivirus whatever was down for about 2 seconds, and something attacked. We have to wait for the new disc to arrive. . .install. . .blah, blah, blah.

AND since the kids at school go onto the “dirty” blogs. . .ALL blogs are barred from me on my computer at work. So I’ll see you all sometime next week. I may go into blog withdrawal, but I’m looking forward to a wonderful fix (kind of like a large Sonic diet Coke) when we are safe to venture into cyberspace again.

Until I am able to post again, please visit Sarah’s fascinating blog! Today she has a captivating post that includes (decorated) lima beans, ill tomatoes, pedicures, and little league concession stands. Some days she has actual thought with it, as well. Stop by!


One thought on “We are ExperiencingTechnical Difficulties. Please Stand By

  1. Sorry about your computer problems! Few things are more annoying. Thank you for coming by my blog and taking the time to comment on my recent “Explanations” post and sharing your thoughts and wisdom. Sounds like you’ve had some ‘splainin’ to do in your lifetime too. Hope your computer gets fixed soon so you can come back!!

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