Self amused again. . .

Okay. . .did NO ONE find this blog entry amusing but me? No one commented. . .not even Sarah who SHOULD have found it HIGHLY amusing.

It would not be the first time.

I have a habit of amusing myself more than I amuse anyone else. . .and normally I’m just being amused ABOUT myself. (Sarah will agree to this most heartily.) Sometimes it’s random things that have nothing whatsoever to do with me–they just strike me as funny at that moment. I’m striken quite frequently. This striking (re-run) blog happens to be all three. . .amusing. . . random. . .and (according to the Blog Things website) about me. So here’s your chance. . .if you don’t find my list amusing, but you have a few minutes to kill, check out the website and get amused about yourself.


According to this website I have a:

Sanguine personality
am a gooey caramel crunch donut
am 70% average American (lost 30% because I don’t drink)
should live in Dublin
was an All American kid in high school
was a giraffe in a former life
should be a member of a rock band called The Republican Bunnies
have a heart that is pink (this is the MAIN one I find to be correct)
should have violet eyes (they’re green–that explains it. . .)
should strip to a Depeche Mode song (should I decide to strip for someone)

AND. . .
my sexy Brazilian name is Joelma Pires (very sexy)
my French name is Jossette Lois (I could handle Jossette)
my 1920’s name is Lurline Bonita (even worse than Joelma)
my Japanese name is Nayoko Susaki (the Japanese wouldn’t have me)

Who knew. . .

And is there anyone else out there that is glad Season Finale time has rolled around? I’m seriously considering NOT watching t.v. all summer long. I am quite sure that some of you are already NOT watching t.v.–please don’t preach–I admit my guilt. I really don’t watch THAT much t.v. I’m not an “every night” kind of gal. There are five shows that Tony and I record and watch. That comes to 1 hour of t.v. per week night, but we have to wait until the kids are in bed, then we are too tired to watch, which pushes it to the next night and so on. Now that it’s season finale time, after each “finale” is finally finished (see, here is a PERFECT example of something that highly amuses me–alliteration) I am under NO pressure whatsoever for the next four months to make sure something gets recorded and then watched in a reasonable amount of time. . .not that any show on t.v. REALLY matters. It’s just a way to self-medicate without medication. There is also NO new Harry Potter book out this summer to anxiously await. What will I do with my time? Well, after helping to plan VBS, and teaching ladies’ class, and arranging two birthday parties, and being a wife and mother, I might actually tackle my photo albums.

That remains to be seen. It’s late. Time for bed.

Note to self: Continue to find most things in life amusing. Watch less t.v.


6 thoughts on “Self amused again. . .

  1. I am also a lover of alliteration. I was just explaining it to the girls the other day, when they were arguing over whether ‘box’ and ‘bag’ rhymed. Jason kept saying, “You can’t start them on poetics yet!” But I swear, they totally understood.

  2. P.S. Oh, and I’d suggest quilting this summer, if you run out of photos to scrapbook. It’s easy to take up, especially if you have a lot of sentimental, old, family clothes to work with.

  3. Personally, I think all women or most of us anyway, were otters in our last life. Those silly, playful, humourous creatures that truly enjoy the FUN in living. Only in this life we have little time to have as much fun as we did in our last life, and so perhaps this is why the simplest of things we find humourous!

    Amusement is in the eye of the beholder and in this case not knowing you as well as some, I would have to say that the saying “You had to be there” would be appropriate in my understanding of your sense of humour, although Lurline did strike me as a rather humourous name for you… having said that, Jossette if pronounced with a French accent might lure your husband into doing something rather romantic (to set it mildly)… which brings us back to humour… not that being amorous with your husband is humourous… that’s more like fun. (Please note the Canadian spelling, which comes from my English ancestors.) Did any of this makesense at all?? NO? Well, chalk it up as my silly sense of humour!!!

  4. This may shock some people, but I haven’t seen a single episode of Lost, Survivor, American Idol, or any of those tv shows! But late at night, after all is done and before I settle in to read myself to sleep, I will flip through the channels, often landing a while on the History channel or David Letterman. I like variety (haha!) 😉

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