Victoria Day

I know things have been a little heavy on the Victoria front lately, but bear with me once more.

Ever since Victoria was old enough to read her own name, she has searched for it everywhere. She used to get the biggest thrill out of seeing it plastered on the exit ramp to Hwy. 59 South–it says RIGHT THERE “Victoria” big as day. . .though we’ve still never made it to Victoria, Texas.

Last year, she discovered in the very MINUTE print on our calendar that there is, indeed, a Victoria DAY. Being the mover and shaker that she is, she was very excited to find out that an entire day had been set aside in her honor.

Her Daddy and I quickly explained about QUEEN Victoria (she already knew about HER she said), alas, it was still entitled Victoria day, and who are mere parents to argue with such an honor? So we claim guilty to cultivating a minor amount of hubris in our off-spring, and we celebrated Victoria day 2005 with some suprise treats and a balloon from the dollar store for Victoria and a very disappointed Thad (seeing as how there is not a Thaddaeus day).

In order to educate our daughter, I thought I might ask an actual celebrant of Victoria day if there is anything special and unique (and cheap) that those who owe their allegiance to Queen Victoria do on her day. . .dessert, decor, traditions. . .my new blogger friend Sandy from Canada was JUST the person to ask. . .if you care to read her official Canadian explanation, as well as her declaration that since Queen Victoria is dead, she sees no reason why she can’t claim Victoria day for one that is alive and well in Texas, go here .

In the mean time, Happy Victoria Day. We have no long holiday weekend to offer, and if you’re name is not Victoria, you’re out of luck, but we plan on having some fun anyway.


6 thoughts on “Victoria Day

  1. Stephanie

    Hail! Hail! Victoria Day!
    Did you know – in Sweden everyday has a name. So as long as your parents give you one of the 365 names on the calendar, either as a first or middle name, then you also have a name day!
    In Sweden, Victoria is on March 12th (!)

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