Would you like to see something that is just way cool? This is mainly way cool because it's my house and my family and our chickens and our rabbit. . .thankfully Stephanie left out the snakes, tarantula, Australian White's tree frog, and crickets (did I leave anything out?) My "art friend", Stephanie, painted/collaged/concocted this for …

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Back to the Beach

Houston has gotten a bit soggy over the past few days, but we are going to go to the beach anyway. We will, hopefully, be gone for a week. . .so there will be no words (or photos--gone a bit crazy with that one lately) from me. Now it is time to do laundry and …

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Well this is the only mother daughter photo that didn't make the first cut. I think it was the one causing all of the trouble, but I will try to get it on here again just because I like it. . .it's not too clear seeing as how I took a photo of it with …

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