Part 1 of the Mother & Daughter luncheon: PUHLEEEEEZZZZZZZ

Okay. . .something is amok. First (the not amok part) I just returned from 24 hours with my friend Sarah. To read her version of our outing and catch a glimpse of two of the ***HOTTTTTOOTTTOOOOTEST*** babes you’ve ever seen, go here and read “Quick Getaway.”

Secondly, I have been trying and trying and trying to get some things posted regarding the mother/daughter soiree. Everything was all fine. . .but I keep getting some message in red and I’m about to scream. . .so to maintain my sanity and get some sleep, here are the photos of dessert. For some reason I think a photo of Victoria and me is gumming up the works. If you read this blog, you can surely put it all together. A good time was had by all–lots of pink–we will have to forego the witty comments. ARGH!!!!!! I need some of the desserts shown here.

The girlies have different cupcakes each year. Pink polka dot cupcakes, birdhouses, teacups, adorned with flower shaped teapots, and this year some lacy design that was lovely though didn’t offer much in the way of icing. They forgave since I adorned the wrappers with pink bows. The mommies get the same old thing every year. . .homemade carrot cake (Carolyn’s recipe) with GOBS of cream cheese frosting. I don’t think Carolyn would mind me sharing the recipe if you’d like. It is incredibly yummy and very, very, very fattening. Keep on going to see the rest of the photos in part two. . .


7 thoughts on “Part 1 of the Mother & Daughter luncheon: PUHLEEEEEZZZZZZZ

  1. Glad you had a good time with Sarah… next time you’ll have to come all the way to Abilene… or she’ll have to bring us with her. There are several of us who would enjoy meeting you!

  2. Roxanne your mother/daughter gathering looks lovely. My daughter Sophie would go NUTSO for such an affair to remember. I love the picture of the little girl in her pink and frills, diggin’ away. Glad you and Sarah got to spend a wee bit of time together.

  3. Stephanie

    If gas wasn’t so stinkin’ expensive I’d drive down in July, but it would probably be cheaper if I flew. Or rode my bike. … haha.

    Either way, I’m wearing a messy bun.

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