Part 2 of the Mother and Daughter Luncheon.

Well. . .here it is in all its glory. . .Mother & Daughter luncheon fare. . .a table full of food meant to be enjoyed by women of all ages no matter their food preferences. This year the Sun Chips were a big hit. The two small wrought iron chairs I got at Hobby Lobby for a song comingled with lots and lots of pink and white flowers.

This is the CLASSIC Mother & Daughter Luncheon photo. Savannah sports that 21st Century girl look. . .cute hat, white lace gloves, swishy pink frock, bare feet, arm akimbo on cocked hip, daring anyone to command her to lay her hoe down and get out of the sand box. LOVE IT!!!!
Pink, white, pink and white, and a little more pink don’t you think?
AND pink toile. Who can resist???? The ribbon topiary was a lot of fun to make. . .
Victoria post party holding Fluffy Oreo Rocket Langley. He is a good bunny, but he makes me sneeze and need oxygen.
Not to be out done, Thad made an appearance and was given a Grave Digger Monster Truck since he was very sad that he didn’t get to stay at the party. . .he refused to wear pink, you see. Actually, he and his Daddy went to the Arboretum and fed bread to the snapping turtles and pancake turtles and had a grand ole time. . .plus we saved him a cupcake.


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