Once upon a time there were two little girls from very different places sort of. They were both born in southern towns only 25 miles apart. . .one town was down right tiny, the other seemed really large but as it turns out, it was sort of medium. One girly was brought home to a house in a neighborhood, the other to a house in the country. They were born one month and 15 days apart. One was born August 2, 19something, the other September 17th, but due to the laws of their southern state of birth, you only had to be born by December 31st to enter kindergarten. Thus their journey begins. Had they been born just one state to the west, their paths would not have been so intertwined, but God had other plans. Here they are. . .fresh-faced, snaggle toothed 1st graders. They are surrounded by other children that they would befriend, travel through grade school and jr. high and high school with. How very interesting it is to see that they are sitting next to each other. . . they had no idea.
And here they are at 16 on the dot and nearly 16, still fresh faced (if a bit shiny due to the fact that my parents had only an attic fan and this was taken on August 2, so it was a bit steamy in my room) but with relatively straight teeth.
And here they are, Seniors in high school at one of their favorite teacher’s homes. (Continue to next post. . .blogger was acting up when I was loading the photos.)


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