Would you like to see something that is just way cool? This is mainly way cool because it’s my house and my family and our chickens and our rabbit. . .thankfully Stephanie left out the snakes, tarantula, Australian White’s tree frog, and crickets (did I leave anything out?) My “art friend”, Stephanie, painted/collaged/concocted this for me, and I


I imposed on her talents several years ago when I asked her to do a portait of our newly built home. She has apologized over and over for not getting this done sooner. . .I say it was worth the wait. I entitled this “Whimsy”. . .but “Serendipity” sums it up as well since her creativity and deftness of skill composed something that was totally and unexpectedly delightful. I would continue to gush, but am afraid that my computer might go on the fritz. . .

I now have three originals from this lovely artist. . .and each one is dear to me–as is she.


10 thoughts on “Whimsy

  1. Oh, your words are incredibly warming! I appreciate your wonderful encouragement.
    As for the Man, I assure you he doesn’t partake in any substance worse than (unfortunately) dipping tobacco, although he is currently trying to quit that nasty habit now. 🙂

  2. On second thought, I’ve read somewhere that quitting a nicotine habit can sometimes be as bad on the psyche as a trip on more serious substance…

  3. That quitting is hard to do. . .and I am quite sure that J is the “natural high” kind of guy. 🙂 Just my way of shutting him up regarding your pet placement–I think he also had a comment about the photo of your hands that you sent? That man needs some verbal sparring. . .

  4. That is PHENOMENAL!!! what a gift you have, Stephanie — and now you have shared your gift with Roxanne and now I got to see it!! I am thankful to be in the loop! 🙂

  5. Stephanie…BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Roxanne lucky you… isn’t it beautiful?!?!

    The joy we feel in life is certainly expressed in our creativity!

    Thanks for your comments Roxanne. Know what you mean about being busy, especially in the summer. Take your time with the package,I just feel quite special that you would do such a nice thing regardless!

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