The World’s Smallest Violin. . .

Pre-epilogue. . .Before you read my whining. . .the dentist went great–no one had a cavity. My wisdom tooth can stay put. And my broken tooth was just missing porcelain on a crown–so nothing major to be done for any of us. AND Thad has his first wiggly tooth.

Remember when you were a kid and you whined about something. . .there was always some wise cracker raedy to rub their thumb and forefinger together and say, “This is the world’s smallest violin playing ‘My Heart Bleeds for You.'”

Well, I feel like whining.

I feel like whining because my summer is coming to a close, and I am desperately trying to finish all of the projects I wanted to get done with my two months.

I am whining because every member of my immediate family loves me so dearly, that they either want to be near me, asking me something, or having me watch them do something every second of the day (including Tony.)

I am whining because it has begun to rain and we have to leave the house in 8 minutes. . .

And I am whining because the reason we have to leave the house in 8 minutes is to go to the dentist. . .the kids and me. . .and it will be expensive. . .and I will probably receive confirmation that my wisdom teeth need to be cut out. . .

That being said, I have NOTHING to whine about–not one bloomin’ thing–so I’m hoping that sending my whiney, pouty, teeny-weeny inconveniences out into cyber space will rid me of them.

I am blessed beyond anyone I know–I’ve had a wonderful summer, and I have a good job to which I am returning. My family loves me. We are getting much needed rain. And we can afford to pay at the dentist’s office rather than putting it on plastic. AND I have a computer, a blog, and friends who will “listen” to me whine. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The World’s Smallest Violin. . .

  1. Whining is underrated. Keeping all the whining inside will make you sick.

    I’m just sayin’…

    Wine-ing is also underrated… but only once a week on Friday evening.


  2. Steph,

    Yet ANOTHER reason to blog. Should you feel like whining. . .you have the entire internet to do so. Should your “audience” choose not to listen/read. . .they may do so as well. 🙂


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