So Much Better than the Elementary Version

Rebecca Kerr tagged me, and this is just what a needed today. . .a nice game of tag. I like this so much better than the elementary version. There is no running, no sweating, no hitting, no bases, and I’m not the slowest one.
The A-Z Tag Meme
Accent: VERY, VERY, VERY southern–even worse when I’m “back home”

Bible Book that I like: Hebrews

Chore I don’t care for: mopping or sweeping

Dog or Cat: Australian White’s Tree frog, 8′ Boa Constrictor, 3′ Corn Snake, rabbit, 2 chickens, tarantula, a normal pet wouldn’t stand a chance–plus I’m allergic–the animals are not mine

Essential Electronics: does air conditioner count? No? computer then

Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman, It’s a Wonderful Life

Gold or Silver: Silver

Handbag I Carry Most Often: anything big and brown works for me

Insomnia: no

Job Title: teacher, mother, wife, etc.

Kids: Victoria (8), Thaddaeus (5), Tony (38) 😉

Living Arrangements: cookie cutter suburban

Most Memorable Moment: feeling my babies move for the first time

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: I faked throwing up on a Wednesday night so I could stay home from church and watch a Shawn Cassidy special on t.v.

Phobia: You will laugh. . .snakes. And losing one of my children

Overnight Hospital Stays: Child bearing only

Quote: “Prayer doesn’t change God. It changes me.” C.S. Lewis

Religion: Follower of Christ

Siblings: Suzanne (chiropractor), Hal (electrician)

Time I Wake Up: School year 5:30, Summer 7:00-9:00 depending. . .kids are always up by 7:30, but they are now old enough to turn off the alarm, go downstairs, turn on the t.v., and graze at will until we get up

Unusual Talent: I love to organize, but it doesn’t look like it by my house

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: raw tomatoes

Worst Habit: relapses into nail biting, procrastination

X-rays: Orthodontal.

Yummy Stuff I Cook: chicken and rice, homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, King Ranch Casserole, fried fish, a really, really, really wonderful chocolate cake

Zoo Animal I Like Most: Giraffes. . .they have such gorgeous eyelashes

So I pick Sandy, Tifty, and Donna

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