Saturday Night

Tony is outside building a “hiding box” for the boa constrictor. (The boa spent the summer on our back porch but normally lives in Tony’s 7th grade science classroom. . .that ought to answer any of you that are thinking, “What?????” If I lived. . .LIVED mind you. . .in a 7th grade classroom, I’d need a place to hide too.)

The kids are sitting on the floor playing Batman and Catwoman Legos (at Thad’s request) while quoting funny lines from movies and cartoons they’ve seen. (Victoria had the Little Mermaid memorized by the time she was two and would recite it to herself and anyone else within shouting distance as we rolled through Wal-Mart and/or the grocery store. Now she directs them both, and they have quite a repertoire.)

I am filthy and in need of a shower and a tall, cold glass of peach tea.

It is time to call it quits for the night. . .no wonderful thoughts or revelations or even funny stories. . .just looking forward to the comfort of a clean body and a clean nightshirt.

Isn’t home grand?

Happy Saturday night to you.

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Night

  1. I loved reading this little snapshot picture of your evening. It’s almost as though I was there, hanging out on the couch with an iced tea watching the kids play on the floor, hearing the hammering outside and feeling the grime of the day on my skin too!

    Here’s to a nice lovely scented shower – cheers! *glasses of iced tea clink together*

  2. We actually have two snakes. The boa is VERY, VERY, VERY large. . .not large enough to swallow one of my children mind you–but longer than my husband is tall. He lives in a locked cage on the back porch. The corn snake is much smaller–3′ and lives in Victoria’s room. I know. . .I know. . .I truly had snake nightmares when we first got them. My goofy scientist husband. And the girl won’t touch a newborn puppy but thinks that snake is great. Go figure. She doesn’t get it out unless they are feeding it and her Daddy is right there with her, though.

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