Is it Ausust?

I, in fact, know it is August due to all of my lovely birthday salutations (thank you very much) from Wednesday. But today I woke up with a cold–a cold mind you. Stuffy nose, itchy ears, the works. When the allergy tablet makes no difference, I KNOW it’s a cold. So, I am just hoping that God is letting me get it out of the way before school really starts and I have to deal with lots of other more interesting germs than just those that cause the common cold.

Tomorrow on the agenda. . .team leader/department chair conference at one of the high schools. Tuesday. . .last ladies Bible class and a busy day following. Wednesday. . .first official day of inservice for teachers.

Tonight when I was putting the kids to bed, Thad was asking me about this week. When I began discussing who they would be spending their days with, rather than getting excited, he began to tear up. Then he said, “I know you are not leaving now, Mommy, but I want to give you two kisses anyway.” And he did–one on each cheek. Then he hugged me while pre-missing Mommy tears slid down his little cheeks.

I assured him that he would have a great time with Nana and PaPaw and the baby sitters and our friends that he will be staying with once inservice begins. . .and he will. But it sure is nice to be loved so much that someone misses you in advance.

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4 thoughts on “Is it Ausust?

  1. Awwww, gosh, Thadolini-sweetie. It’s been a while since the Zaner got that sweet on me, but it always tore my heart two ways – one in the sad way, where I just wanted to snuggle him silly till the end of time – and the way where I was beaming inside that my son had a sweet tender spot and has the heart to feel all these feelings, AND to show it 🙂

    Hope your cold is brief and your snifflies fly away quickly 😦

  2. Alas. . .he will not be entering kindergarten.. .we’ve decided to wait a year. He WILL be in school in a transition/bridge program. It’s all much easier when we are ALL in school. . .the week of inservice before the kids go is hard, because we’re back to normal but they aren’t.

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