This morning on the way down the hall at school, I heard someone call my name. It was our lead mentor at school asking me to be the mentor for our new 8th Reading Workshop (kids who’ve failed TAKS frequently) teacher. I, of course, said I would.

Say a little prayer for my new mentee, please. Her name is Alta. She is all of about 23 years old. She is about 5’1″ and MIGHT weigh 105 dripping wet. She has the most GORGEOUSLY deep dimples you’ve ever seen and is going through an alternative certification program while working on her masters in communication. She has signed up for THE hardest job at our school after Adaptive Behavior (kids who have to me removed from mainstream classrooms due to behavioral issues) and Life Skills (kids who can’t function in the mainstream classroom due to physical or mental handicaps). She is the ONLY 8th grade reading workshop teacher on our campus. She KNOWS what she signed up for and signed up for it anyway. She is a brave, resourceful, go-getter of a soul.

But say a prayer for her anyway. And while you’re at it–pray for me that I am able to help her as much as I possibly can.

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