Creative Procrastination

My eyelids are revolting–not as in “guh-ross”–as in leading a revolt against me trying to keep them open. Each time I blink I get a little dizzy.

Why, then, am I sitting here writing this and not doing what I need to do so I can put my weary-build-school-teacher-resistance-again bones to bed? Well, I’m procrastinating, and I’m ownin’ it!

Lots to say but here’s the main reason. Should you get a hankerin’ to do something really easy and cute as a “back to school teacher gift”, well head on down to your local Wal-Mart(s) and go to the craft department. Find the button rack. They have some REALLY CUTE, REALLY BIG buttons these days. Pick your favs. . .I got some patterned ones (sort of expensive) and some plain ones (not so expensive). Then head a couple of aisles over to the children’s craft lane and get some nickel-sized magnets.

Grab your favorite hot-glue gun and heat to boilin’, then glue the little magnet onto the back of the button. Throw some of these in a cup or ziploc/paper bag or whatever and send it to school with your little one the first day of school and see the teacher smile. . .just a little thing on their first day back.

I have already made them tonight for my two different teams and some for the kids’ teachers as well. Button magnets , some mini bags of M&M’s and mini bags of popcorn, coke money taped to an index card, and you’ve got yourself one happy educator. Chocolate, salt, and caffeine–does a body good.

I’m too tired to post photos just yet. . .so you’ll have to wait.

Had to share my creativity while it still exists.

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6 thoughts on “Creative Procrastination

  1. I hot glued my cute buttons tonight. I decorated little gift bags, bought the popcorn, m and m’s and am forgoing the coinage, as I do not have that many quarters to spare. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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