Funnier ‘n anything I’ve got to say

Well. . .today was the first day of school. And I have no funny stories. Because I was not REALLY with kids all day. I am the Interdisciplinary Team Leader which basically means there wasn’t anyone else who wanted the job (including me) but they knew I would do it. I basically passed out schedules, ran an assembly, and then ran all over the building to give other teachers an off period since they had their homeroom kids all day long. I DID get to have 20 minutes worth of fun with the kids which was nice, ’cause I was just the “substitute.”

I’m sure there was something I could equate to something, but I just can’t think right now.

So, I’m sending you on over to BooMama’s site, ’cause she has got some funny stuff today. If you have a beverage, do not drink it while you are reading. AND she has discovered a little known super power that Batman can wield in a timely manner on unsuspecting but thankful mommies. I did not ask her permission to link to her blog. Since the story about her momma spread like wildfire (which is how I found her) and her Tour of Homes you probably already visit her anyway.

Happy Wednesday to you.

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3 thoughts on “Funnier ‘n anything I’ve got to say

  1. Okay – I just clicked over because I read your comment on my site – seeing the link to my blog was a total surprise. Thanks for that! And my poor mama – she was a great sport to let me tell that story about her, wasn’t she? Bless her. 🙂

    Y’all have a great night – sounds like you deserve some serious rest after your very active day. Take care!

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