When the barn door’s open. . .

Well, Sarah recently posted some ponderings about how people found her website. . .so I am prepared to get all various and sundry sorts when I say the following. . .

What is up with all of these panties running amok in people’s drawers? (Dresser drawers–not underwear drawers?)

You have much better furniture than I do.

My dresser is an antique that belonged to Tony’s grandmother. . .she, I’m guessin’. . .didn’t have many panties, ’cause the top two drawers for “lingerie” are very, very shallow. Below them are two very, very deep drawers with no dividers. Therefore, my panties must be folded lest they just get lost in the t-shirts, shorts, and socks that are also in the same drawer.

Victoria has a teeny-weeny garage sale dresser and her panties share space with her pajamas and socks as well.

Thad’s “dresser” is a three drawer plastic thing that I used one year in my classroom. He is lucky. He only has underwear and pj’s together.

Tony doesn’t even have drawers OR a dresser. He has the armoire that matches my dresser and his undies rest on the top shelf with his t-shirts.

Hence, the underwear at my house needs to be folded.

And evidently we need some better furniture.

Bring on the perverts. . .I’ve used the word panties in here several times. Katie, bar the door.

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9 thoughts on “When the barn door’s open. . .

  1. My new organizational tool for me — since I, also, only have an armoire with one tiny, little shallow drawer that socks will occasionally fit in, but not too many. Over-the-door shoe organizer. On my closet door. Socks in the bottom, panties at the top with their matching bras in the same pocket. It has worked miracles. The Container Store also has all sorts of drawer organizers that, theoretically, help such a mess — but I’ve tried them all. My shoe organizer from Target is the best!

  2. I was ABOUT to say that I have NO matching bras and panties. . .when in fact, I do.

    I have white and nude panties and white and nude bras. . .but no black bra to go with my black panties. I need to remedy that.

    Since I work with such a neutral pallet, then my panties and bras can run amok with in my over-the-door shoe organizer.


  3. I have friends who fold their drawers before they put them in their drawers… what’s that about? I have taught my kids the open and shove method… It is the one garment that can be wrinkled and no one will ever see it!

  4. “the open and shove method!” Gotta love that one! It’s the prefered method for the boys’ top drawer, which they share, where their underwear and socks live happily between wearings. (Wearings??? is that a word?)

    Of course, there is something about a nice tidy lingere drawer.

    Now, go git yourself some black skimmies 🙂

  5. I love that over-the-door idea! That might just appear in my closet soon. We have one of those tiny lingerie drawers as well. I cram it so tight that it hardly opens. But we’re getting nice deep Ikea dressers soon. 🙂 Yay for Ikea!!!

  6. Ok I confess. I am a folder of “panties”, bras and underwear. I wasn’t always that way but one day I just got respectful for my undergarments and started folding. Having said that, my underwear drawers are the only thing about my clothing that is organized! The rest hang on the dirty clothes hamper, the chair in my room and some eventually do get to hangers in my closet.

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