For some reason I can’t get spaces between my paragraphs today. . .just squeeze on through.)
Today I discovered that a very dear friend had removed her blog. . .her ENTIRE blog. . . deleted. . .gone. There were many reasons for this (since I called her to find out WHAT THE HECK WAS GOING ON!!!). What it boiled down to was this. . .it was causing strife of some sort. . .there was a concern that it wasn’t “the real world.” Well, I’m sure that some here on ARE living out a fantasies, but I’m just as sure that the blogs I visit are the real deal, thank you very much. You people couldn’t be makin’ all this stuff up.
I’m sure we’ve all wondered from time to time about this whole “blawging” thing. (I borrowed “blawg” from Boomama, ’cause, as I’ve said before, I HATE the word “blog.”) Boomama recently pondered the same on her site. . .and below is part of the comment I left there. (Those of you who have known me a long time will not be surprised to see that it is more of a manifesto rather than a mere comment.)
“I think the popularity of blogging is this. . .you can write about what you want, how you want, when you want. You can write about what you think–your feelings–your ideas. . .and since it’s mostly “anonymous” (I only gave my web address to friends I know love me no matter what), there is no real risk. Plus–you can get that cognitive stimulation with absolutely no money involved while in the comfort of your own home. Let’s face it–a lot of people wouldn’t have this many friendships were it not for cyberspace. We are limited on time and resources due to the hectic lifestyles we live in these modern times. So blogging is attractive–especially to women–because we can connect with others. . .I found you when my friend Sarah linked to your story about your mom and the fish camp (still laughing over that one). I think blogging is like the world in general. We’d like all the people we meet to be nice and kind and loving and Christ-like, but they aren’t. We’d like for everyone to get along and not be drama queens and agree with us all the time and love us no matter what, but they don’t. It’s the nature of humanity. . .I have also pondered the wisdom of blogging. . .It may be a fad–if you want to call it that. I don’t think we’d call quilting bees a fad–but we don’t have them any more. They were a way for women to do hard work together while enjoying each other’s company. Our lives are still the same–but now the hard part is too many choices and too many options. Blogging offers us a time to slow down, reflect, laugh, read, and enjoy the company of others.”
The modern day quilting bee indeed. . .except now rather than being able to chat while we make quilts that will keep our families from freezing to death, we are chatting to keep our souls from freezing to death. We are trying to figure out a way to keep connected in these harried times that we call the 21st century, and we are linking the world together through common threads.
I think there are times when we all wonder what is real and what isn’t. . .or is it really wise to be taking our innermost thoughts, writing them down, then sashaying them out into cyberspace where friend and weirdo alike can view them at their leisure.
I guess the conclusion that I’ve come to in my own ponderings is this. . .not only is it fine. . .it’s great. I have met new people, been privy to new thoughts, laughed a whole, WHOLE lot, gotten back in touch with friends from the past, and actually began writing down my thoughts again. I’ve also see others who have been touched through the whole “blawging” community. . . mothers sharing triumphs and tragedies, prayers being lifted for stranger and friend alike, marriages being worked on and hopefully bettered/saved, and I know FOR A FACT that there is someone who will be attending worship service tomorrow along with their children–someone who hasn’t really been a “church” person the past few years–because of reading the comments and blogs of all the Godly women who read my humble little piece of cyberhood. I ask, what more good can be done than that?
There is also a dark side to all this blogging. . .I’ve accidentally stumbled upon it a time or two. But what in this world DOESN’T have a dark side? We just step around it, climb over it, or plunge through it to get back to the light.
So. . .thanks for the laughs, the ponderings, and mainly for letting me into your lives each day. It does me much more good than I can recount. And I hope you feel the same.
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7 thoughts on “Hmmmmmmmmmmm…………………

  1. I dont know if she will get my email message but I am so sad to see her go! I realize it is none of my business but can you tell her for me? I cant pretend to know is happening in her home, but uugghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    I dont understand how self-expression can be wrong! My heart is aching for her because I know she loved it and I loved hearing her perspective.

    UUUUUGHHHH I am sick

  2. Well, absolutely, everyone has to do what is best for themselves and their family. I’ve had someone question some of my wisdom for safety and security regarding what I put on my blog — she asked me this while allowing her 2 year old to sit in her lap while I was driving 70 mph. on the highway. We each have our own comfort threshold of safety, security, necessity, and relevance.

    I am addicted to reading others’ blogs, and have come to learn that I have quite an audience that expects me to post on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s more nothing than it’s worth — but what does it cost anybody? I, too, am thankful for this outlet for people to form friendships and bonds across the internet and use the internet for good, as opposed to the evil that it has aplenty and can come into your home just as quickly as Boomama’s “blawg” (seriously — blawg is more accurate to how we say it, but you truly find it preferable to blog?)

    Anyhow — to each his own, but I am hopelessly addicted to peeking at the lives of others. AND, I love that if I do not find the person fascinating IN THE LEAST — I don’t have to stick around and/or make polite talk while trying to figure out how to get away from someone who has to tell me the pros and cons of Dallas’ team without TO. I’m simply outtathere and no one is the wiser!

  3. Yeah, I’ve thought about the authenticity issue too. But I think you can tell, especially if you’ve been reading for a long time– you just know. I’ve never been one to have many secrets, and like the idea of putting my thoughts and issues out for public discussion. It leads to new ideas and reassurances and support, when you have a good circle of friends. Plus, like you said, you get to keep up with people you’ve left behind, even if they don’t comment, and meet new friends from all over the place.

    I’m still pretty new to the blog scene, and it’s surprising to me how loyal I can start to feel to the bloggers I read regularly, like I know them. I guess when you read what’s going on in people’s heads all the time, it develops a bond much mroe quickly and easily than the normal, real-life process of developing conversations from small talk to personal discussions over an extended period of time. But you lack the facial expression, body language, and tone that help you interpret face-to-face dialogue correctly, so it’s easy to misunderstand the tenor of some comments, especially in cross-cultural situations (and I think CA/TX counts as a cross-cultural situation!). 🙂 But it’s a fun challenge to try to make yourself universally understood with nothing more than print. Good practice for missional communication skills.

    I love learning from, laughing with, praying for, sympathizing with the people I read. It feels like my world is much bigger than it would be if I were confined only to the people I meet in this little mountain community. I need a broader perspective.

    LSS: Blogging good.

  4. The few that have read and added their comments to my blog have been a blessing in my life. Especially you Roxanne and Stephanie. Through your blogs I have found joy in simple pleasures of everyday living and I am most grateful for that. Your response to things I have written have aided in my belief that I am a strong, intelligent woman among many.

    I must admit there have been days when I wondered if there was a point to my writing but it has always felt good to express myself through words and/or have someone remark on how what I had to say made a difference in their day.

    Women are expressive and emotional and open to the joys of sharing experiences and in the end, isn’t that what life is all about? Sharing our joys and sorrows so that others will know they are not alone and that no matter what, we are all there for one another?

    Like Sarah says, everyone must do what is best for themselves and although I don’t know who you are talking about, I wish her well in her life.

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