Cover us. . .we’re goin’ in.

I am not an athlete. . .Tony is a competitor, but he’s no athlete either. Thad has fallen off the couch twice tonight. He did it the same exact way both times–and not on purpose. Victoria slipped in her sock feet and splatted all over the kitchen floor as soon as she got home and got her shoes off today.

We are not a graceful crew.

So. . .we signed up for soccer. Go figure.

Thad is very excited. Victoria is not as excited but is warming up to the idea. She IS very happy about the whole accessorizing thing. . .shin guards, water bottle, etc. Hot and sweaty–not so much–but she’s all about the stuff.

I am pretty confident that we will not take the little league soccer world by storm–more like by accident. But we’re willing to help–to get out there and commit our Saturdays and our sanity through December 2nd (minus the one Saturday we will be camping). We will honk and drive in our crepe paper bedecked cars during the parade. We will bring our fold up lawn chairs to cheer on our team during the competitions. We will kiss bruises and chant positive chants and say “Great Job!” and “We’ll get ’em next time.”

And whether this is a yearly or merely one-time event, we’re goin’ in. . .


One of those blogger things

Sarah is always “wow-ing” me with her never ending stream of blogosphere surveys. . .so today, in keeping with my very narrow spontaneous, impulsive side, I am posting one here. And Sarah is exactly 3% more impulsive than I.

There was another time I got a little crazy with the blog identity thing. . .and if you are so inclined to read a back-blog, then go here. I’m not kiddin’. . .it is a veritable cornucopia. . .a buffet of little known facts about me. Come on. . .be impulsive!!! Then you can go and find out little known facts about your very own self. . . I’ve used up my 29% impulsivity and then some on this blog alone.

You Are 29% Impulsive

You’re a pretty stable and serious person. You don’t take things lightly.
This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun – you just have fun responsibly.
You definitely have a spontaneous side, but you only let loose when it’s appropriate.

Unapologetic Cuteness

So no one’s been commenting much lately. . .on my humble little blog or on many of the others that I read. Maybe everyone is too busy. I know I’m too busy, but I’m also excellent at procrastinating and that’s why you keep on hearing from me. Maybe no one is blogging about anything worthy of commenting. . .but I don’t really think that’s true seeing as how I keep on commenting. Of course, if you know me, you know I could hold a conversation with absolutely anyone including just myself–which is pretty much what I’m doing right this second. . .so here are some cute pictures of my kids. They are not, by far, the CUTEST pictures, but they are all I have on our 6 year old grainy digital video camera with the photographic option.

The girl. . .in all of her dress-up glory. She’s quite the looker. . .

And here is the boy pretending that he’s going to run over you with his Big Wheel. He won’t REALLY run over you with his Big Wheel, but he likes to pretend.

That’s all I got. . .Friday was the end of the 1st 6 weeks in my school district. I am hoping beyond hopes that the second 6 weeks is a little more calm and sedate than the 1st. . .yeah–well–one can dream. Happy nearly October to ya. . .and comment at will.

Why is it. . .

Why is it that my children can play totally unattended and happily all alone by themselves until the phone rings or I sit down at the computer? Why is that? It’s not a new happening in the land of motherhood–mothers all over have shared their experiences about trying to keep kids quiet while having a phone conversation–now it extends to the computer. It also extends to napping. My children have not napped in YEARS–but when I try to take one, I am treated as though I have sold out to the gods of sloth and negligence. . .


Okay. That’s that. There are many, many things to do this weekend and the time goes all to quickly.

Which is why when the kids want my attention and I’m on the phone or the computer or napping I feel that twinge of guilt. Time goes all to quickly, you know.

“Pigs and Geese and Ducks better scurry. . .

“Pigs and geese and ducks better scurry, when I take you out in my surrey, when I take you out in my surrey with the fringe on top.”

Not quite what they had in Oklahoma. . .but the song is ruined for me anyway, ’cause I can only hear the “When Harry Met Sally” version in my head.

There is a limited number of things one can do on an island since it is, after all, an island and has only so much room for activities. Victoria is keeping a list of the things we have yet to do lest we forget. Our favorite things to do on Galveston Island are free. We go to Tony’s parents’ house, the beach, ride the ferry to the Bolivar Peninsula and back. We also splurge and do one night of “costing” things when we are down there. Normally it’s dinner out and a game of putt-putt golf at the PRETTIEST little putt-putt course you’ve ever seen.

THIS time, it was taking a bike ride. What a lovely idea. Pedaling along the seawall with the breeze blowing and gently ruffling the fringe on what was touted (in painted banner) as “The Cadillac of Surreys.” The kids honking the horn at seagulls–waving to passers-by.

There are lots of interesting facts about Galveston Island. It was home to the aggressive and cannibalistic Karankawa Indians. They would smear their bodies with rancid alligator fat to keep the mosquitoes away. (There you have the extent of my remaining knowledge of native Americans of Texas from the ONE year I taught 4th grade.) It was also reportedly the “secret hideout” of famed pirate Jean Lafitte. The hurricane of 1900 was the worst in the United States in recorded history sweeping away almost every building on the island and inspiring the construction of the Galveston seawall and jetty system. Galveston was also home to the first newspaper AND the first electric lights in the state.

Of all of the Galveston trivia I have read or heard, however, I have never been privy to the most interesting fact of all.

Galveston Island does, in fact, run uphill both ways.

I’m not quite sure why this is not a more widely known item of interest. Maybe it’s because you only notice this odd geological malformation while pedaling a surrey that holds up to 6 people when only 2 people’s legs are long enough to actually reach the pedals and pedal it. . .at 4:30 in the afternoon. . .on Labor Day weekend. I am sure it’s not nearly as noticeable if, say, it’s February and a two person surrey is occupied AND being pedaled by two people.

Alas, I don’t plan to find out. It was fun while it lasted. Victoria was able to attend to her list. Riding the bike has been officially (thank all that is good and holy) marked off–at least until the children are a little taller.

Next item on the agenda. . .duck boats.

Happy Birthday, Dear Sarah

Today is Sarah’s birthday. Don’t know who Sarah is or why I would refer to her as though you should? Well, go here and here.

I have a little bloggy routine when I get on line. I go through all of my favs, then post whatever I intend on posting for that day. Sarah’s is my last stop, because my list is alphabetical, and her’s begins with a “T.” And you know what. . .Sarah has already wished herself a happy birthday before I even got to it. It’s not her fault. After church we had to run errands. . .then we ate lunch. . .then I celebrated Sarah’s birthday by taking an hour nap for her since she’s got company AND a speaking engagement this week, and probably didn’t get to indulge in that particular pleasure on her day. I feel badly that I’m a little tardy with my wishes. . .but it’s still the 17th, so at least I’m not out and out late.

Happy Birthday, Sarah!!!!!!!! I am thinking of you this week, and can’t wait to hear all about this next Grand adventure of yours. Play your favorite Karen Henley birthday song, and get Ashley to pat you for me. 🙂 I love you!

Reality Blogging: Welcome to our home

Welcome to the reality of our home.

The girl is wearing a very sparkly, pink hand-me-down ballet outfit, a tiara, and winter gloves. The boy is just glad I made sausage and eggs for breakfast.

This is what happens when you and your husband sleep until 8:00 on a Saturday, but the children get up at 6:45. . .

Sesame Street, a buttery soft rabbit and Curious George in a neat row in the middle of the mess. . .along with shoes and the trays the kids ate their lunches on.

Wide angle view of the chaos. . .this was right after school started. . .it doesn’t look much different right now except for the clean laundry that is folded and stacked in piles in front of the fire place.

Kitchen. . .if it’s gonna be a mess, it might as well be a colorful mess. . .we like pink and lime green a lot. . .well, Victoria and I like it. Tony and Thad tolerate it.

Yes. . .for some of you this will fall into the TMI category, but for the rest of you, you will recognize the reality and know that there are very few “perfect” house keepers out there.

I could write a very long explanation of why our home looks like the place for barnyard animals to live, but I won’t. I will say, here is my effort to be transparent and encourage anyone who thinks they are the world’s worst housekeeper.

You lose.

I am the world’s worst housekeeper. . .despite my status as a flybaby and my love for FlyLady and all she represents. I keep on trying, but this is basically the current state of my home. . .so take heart. If yours looks like this. . .if you can’t eat dinner because there is no clean flat wear. ..if you have resorted to smelling the clothing to see if it’s clean or dirty, it’s nice to meet ya, sister-friend!!! Off to set that timer for several rounds of 15 minutes and dig out from under what I can.