I’ve been tagged by a book thing

Okay. . .don’t really know about all this tagging business, but I’m willing to play along before bed. I was tagged by Jessica, and here is my entry from p.123, after line5, the next three sentences from gods in Alabama. If you missed my review, go here.

“The homecoming crown. And yes, in this fantasy, I inherited Jim Beverly. He mainly stood by me at school events where I was being feted and whispered things in my ear like ‘Rose-Pop, you are so different now, so sweet and fine!’ ”

That’s that.

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One thought on “I’ve been tagged by a book thing

  1. Today. Today I’m going to borrow this one at the library. Like I need ne more book on my nightstand stack. Still.

    And y’all go see Little Miss Sunshine. Go with Tony. I get the feeling he’d like it too!

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