Reality Blogging: Welcome to our home

Welcome to the reality of our home.

The girl is wearing a very sparkly, pink hand-me-down ballet outfit, a tiara, and winter gloves. The boy is just glad I made sausage and eggs for breakfast.

This is what happens when you and your husband sleep until 8:00 on a Saturday, but the children get up at 6:45. . .

Sesame Street, a buttery soft rabbit and Curious George in a neat row in the middle of the mess. . .along with shoes and the trays the kids ate their lunches on.

Wide angle view of the chaos. . .this was right after school started. . .it doesn’t look much different right now except for the clean laundry that is folded and stacked in piles in front of the fire place.

Kitchen. . .if it’s gonna be a mess, it might as well be a colorful mess. . .we like pink and lime green a lot. . .well, Victoria and I like it. Tony and Thad tolerate it.

Yes. . .for some of you this will fall into the TMI category, but for the rest of you, you will recognize the reality and know that there are very few “perfect” house keepers out there.

I could write a very long explanation of why our home looks like the place for barnyard animals to live, but I won’t. I will say, here is my effort to be transparent and encourage anyone who thinks they are the world’s worst housekeeper.

You lose.

I am the world’s worst housekeeper. . .despite my status as a flybaby and my love for FlyLady and all she represents. I keep on trying, but this is basically the current state of my home. . .so take heart. If yours looks like this. . .if you can’t eat dinner because there is no clean flat wear. ..if you have resorted to smelling the clothing to see if it’s clean or dirty, it’s nice to meet ya, sister-friend!!! Off to set that timer for several rounds of 15 minutes and dig out from under what I can.

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7 thoughts on “Reality Blogging: Welcome to our home

  1. Why just today I had to do the sniff and smell to see if Nick’s clothes were clean or dirty. A well lived home is one where you have to climb over toys (since my kid is 22, these toys are DVD players,DVD movies, laptops and various other electronic gagets), books, and assorted laundry to get to the door.

    Athough there are only two of us, yesterday we could not find a place for our dinner plates on our very large kitchen table…between the school books, water colour paints and paper, various pieces of junk mail and information, there was not one inch of free space!

    Ahhhh… yet again I feel a kindred spirit with you my dear Roxanne!

  2. TODAY I beat you — not as a worse housekeeper — but TODAY my house is a wee bit cleaner. Only because relatives from near and far are descending to hear me speak and thus add stress to my life by my house needing to be clean. I definitely do appreciate the transparency. I keep thinking one day I will be humble enough to post a picture of my computer room. Still waiting …

  3. Oh, yeah, Sista. Preach it. I’ve been guilting over the two mountains of laundry blocking my bathroom door. But total strangers are coming to inhabit my house this next weekend, so it cannot be thus for long. Kudos to you for being real.

    P.S. Two months ago, my mess would have kicked your mess’s butt. Someday it shall rise again. Until then, I shall enjoy my fleeting moments of neatness.

  4. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, clever Sarah. . .you figured out how to link in the comments. . .so you’ve beaten me TWICE. πŸ™‚ It’s a very fine thing that we aren’t competitive. You will have to share your new knowledge. I am thinking of you and your “speaking.” πŸ™‚

    Love you–

  5. Try this: here

    You have to memorize a wee bit of html code, but once you got it you got it πŸ˜‰

    Anyways, about the el messo. THANK YOU for showing the world a little reality. I have a sign in my kichen that I found at a craft fair about 10 years ago. It reads: “Martha Stewart does not live here. It’s a good thing.”

    I’m taking pictures now of my progress of transforming a all-in-one office/craft/reading room into a boy’s bedroom and when I’m all done I’ll be posting the pics! Ha! If I ever get done!

    Sarah – there’s nothing like company coming to get a house cleaned up – when we have folks over I am quite candid with them: “You know, we only invited y’all over so we’d have an excuse to clean up our house! Haha!”

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