Happy Birthday, Dear Sarah

Today is Sarah’s birthday. Don’t know who Sarah is or why I would refer to her as though you should? Well, go here and here.

I have a little bloggy routine when I get on line. I go through all of my favs, then post whatever I intend on posting for that day. Sarah’s is my last stop, because my list is alphabetical, and her’s begins with a “T.” And you know what. . .Sarah has already wished herself a happy birthday before I even got to it. It’s not her fault. After church we had to run errands. . .then we ate lunch. . .then I celebrated Sarah’s birthday by taking an hour nap for her since she’s got company AND a speaking engagement this week, and probably didn’t get to indulge in that particular pleasure on her day. I feel badly that I’m a little tardy with my wishes. . .but it’s still the 17th, so at least I’m not out and out late.

Happy Birthday, Sarah!!!!!!!! I am thinking of you this week, and can’t wait to hear all about this next Grand adventure of yours. Play your favorite Karen Henley birthday song, and get Ashley to pat you for me. 🙂 I love you!

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