-jointed, -connected, -combobulated. . .and any other dis- words you can think of?

Welcome to the blog of “I shouldn’t have had that last couple of bites to eat” and “I’m tired and should really just go to bed on my incredibly full stomach.”

More than anything, I’m blogging to keep myself awake. I did, indeed, have one too many bites of seafood salad on a Ritz tonight. . .and I am tired. But Tony has class at church from 8:15-9:30, and I kind of like to be awake to see him when he gets home. I like him, ya know.

So. . .after my “dis-” blog, I am going back to this website to tinker.

As I have told you before, we have plans for a new home in the near future. Near future to us means beginning construction spring or summer of 2008 so by summer of 2009 we are all moved in. . .or at least are ready to move in. We are talking long-term planning for most folks. . .but when you are thinking of an entire house, well, two more years is short term for us.

Until the time comes that we actually break ground, we dream. . .and even in our dream-like state we know that though we have definite opinions of what we like,

we are not interior decorators.

We are a little nervous about how much furniture will fit where, etc. So tonight, on a whim, I did a search for an automatic room designer. . .and low and behold if Better Homes and Gardens didn’t deliver.

Should you care to furnish the rooms of your dream house to see if all of your wishes will come true. . .then click on over, and have some good, clean fun.

Now I’m off to play for a bit, then tackle the dishes in an attempt to “work off” some of that seafood salad. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Dis-

  1. I love what the new kitchen is going to look like and the weather vane you have picked out. Jerry and I are like ya’ll, when we were planning on moving we got on the internet and looked and looked at all the new stuff we would need and picked it out. We have been here for 6 months now and have blinds up on all the windows but still can’t find curtains we both like. But we will continue looking until we find them.

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