“Have yourself. . .a merry little Christmas. . .”

No–I have not lost my calendar or my mind. . .but I have begun Christmas shopping in earnest. In fact–Thad is all done. . .from the T-Rex Mountain to the Doodle Monster to the mini Transformers to a minipack of superheroes to add to his collection to a game of HiQ to a couple of things for his stocking and two Christian books about how good little boys should behave. All he needs is a pack of Pez and a dispenser (Christmas tradition dontcha know) and Hershey Santas and a huge candy cane full of M&Ms–two other traditions–all from my own childhood.

Done. . .done. . .done. . .and started on Victoria and done for one nephew and did my mom’s shopping for my kids while I was at it.

I just love to be DONE. Now I am not tempted by the siren song of *SALE* *SALE* *SALE*–and no matter WHAT I might see that is just PERFECT–well, I’ve spent the budget for the boy, so I’m really and truly DONE!!!!!! And the day after Thanksgiving I will be at home hidden away up in my bedroom wrapping Christmas presents so that on Christmas eve all I have to do is sneak said and wrapped presents downstairs to distribute in piles under the tree and then I can have another cup of wassail and make Tony watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” even though he does not care for Jimmy Stewart but seeing as how he’s so cute and Jimmy Stewart was unavailable at the time, I married him anyway

Okay. . .that’s all. I’m just so very, very happy to be DONE!!!!!!

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5 thoughts on ““Have yourself. . .a merry little Christmas. . .”

  1. When we were out shopping today – had to buy a pair of flannel pajama pants for W, seeing as he’s grown out of all of his from last winter – he took a look around as we walked past the seasonal aisles and said, Mom, it’s Hallowmas all over this place… it’s creeping me out!

    I’m so glad you are one down two to go, so to speak! I am very impressed, speaking as one self-proclaimed procrastinator to another ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Impressive roxanne. I have only actually bought one present at this point but Jerry and Michael are building a computer for my dad and putting some games on it. Plus I know what the boys want so I have to go to the gaming store and get them (new gaming systems). With Lacy it is picking out a few gifts from the hundred or more she will have on her list, and everyone else it is just soooooo hard to decide what to get. I do love to go out in the crowds after Thanksgiving to shop though.

  3. Shopping early works for extended family, but my kids get precious few gifts so I have to wait until fairly late in the game for wish lists to be “solidified” so I know what is the absolute best, best, BEST to get. I COULD start shopping for hubby and family — but probably won’t! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Ay, ay, ay. You’re stressing me out. That was not even on my horizon until you posted about it. But I suppose since there’s no place to shop around here, it doesn’t really matter. Now that I think of it, we’re all going down to Chico the day after Thanksgiving anyway, so nothing to stress about. Okay. So good for you!

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