Just thinkin’

Well, autumn has sort of arrived in Houston. . .just in time for the kids not to TOTALLY burn up at Trunk or Treat tonight before church–not so many sweaty princesses this year, though Thad did shuck his Power Ranger costume earlier than planned. . .and on the way to Trunk or Treat, Victoria made me tell her all of the things she had ever been for Halloween. When I got to the part where she was Baby Bop when she was 18 months, Thad said, “Sistuh, I bet you wuh vewy cute.”

Had a friend with a babysitting emergency last night–mother of 16 year old twins and a five year old. . .husband owns his own business. . .they had a shindig to go to, and the twins had homecoming, and Thomas was the fly in the ointment. He came over and a lovely time was had by all until 5:15 this morning when he began throwing up in our sink. The good news is. . .he made it to the sink. The sad news is, I had to call his Momma at 5:15 to come and get him. But the fancy doin’s were over, so she and his Daddy were glad to arrive and whisk him away.

We also had a three hour family fun movie on Friday (“Stranded” a new version of “Swiss Family Robinson”–with no ostrich or giraffe but still with pirates), and two soccer games on Saturday, and between all of that and a sleepover and the time change and Trunk or Treat–well, tonight after I got them to sit still–the kids were tired. I was afraid that after all of the excitement and sugar it was going to be one church wide game of “Whack A Mole.” As soon as you got one kid down, another would pop right up. . .but they were all tired I suppose, because no one got taken out and the only crying was from the newborns.

At one point we were singing a very lovely multi-part, round-like song called “The Greatest Commandment.” The Sunday night crowd was good and so about 400 of us singing acapella in harmony was an amazing thing. . .and even more wonderful than that as we began to sing, Victoria laid her head on my right shoulder, and Thad laid his head on my left, and the contentment that settled over me was a gift of God.

“All I have needed, Thy hand hath provided. . .great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.”

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4 thoughts on “Just thinkin’

  1. R-
    I think you, Tony, and the kids need to plan a trip to San Antonio this spring or summer. We would love for you to stay with us and “tour the city” with you. Love reading about your family and can see glimpses of sweet, funny you in your kids. Have a great day.

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