Lists for a Saturday

Yesterday was donuts with Dad at Thad’s school. Tony didn’t get to go seeing as how he spent the morning teaching OTHER people’s children. Thad was not upset. He said he would just have donuts with Hunter. PLUS we promised him donuts with us on Saturday.

So off we go this morning.

Victoria made a list of the donuts we cared to consume for our mixed dozen (and my cinnamon twist). I think it was like 1 plain glazed, 2 chocolate iced, 1 white iced with sprinkles, 2 strawberry iced with sprinkles, 1 chocolate iced with sprinkles, 1 blueberry filled, 1 apple filled, 1 strawberry filled, 1 chocoate cream filled, AND 1 cinnamon twist.

We all four trooped into Shipley’s bright and early–our little list of Langleys, completed the donut transaction, and headed back out to the car at which time Thad proclaimed his very own list to all within hearing range just in case they cared to know our intentions for the morning.

“We’re happy! We’re goin’ home! And we’re eatin’ donuts!”

And so we did.


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