Stream of Consciousness Potpourri

I have several blog thoughts running through my brain:

the newly arrived arthritis in my right pinky finger
baby showers
my kids
my husband
some of my students
how God always (ALWAYS) provides me a friend at work (EVERY single time)

But I have to go and hem blankets for the baby shower after teaching my students all day, attending a two hour meeting after school with my teacher friend, coming home to take care of my husband and kids, and having my right pinky finger hurt. The in-laws? Well, we’re all going camping this weekend so that is just sort of. . .

In the meantime, go and visit Stephanie and Sarah to read some poetry and see a solution born of necessity that I’d forgotten I even came up with. If you need some humor, might I suggest visiting Rebecca and reading two of her four year old twin girl’s conversations which makes this entry all the more understandable.

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